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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 gobbles every ghost this September

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Pac-Man revivals have had some pretty notable success with Pac-Man 256, but that wasn’t the first or even the best update of the classic arcade game. Pac-Man Championship Edition and its DX follow-up were the smartest, most exciting riffs on the classic formula since Ms. Pac-Man, and that makes me incredibly excited for the announcement of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2.

Pac-Man Championship DX+ now available on Steam

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PC gamers will get to find out why Pac-Man Championship Edition DX was such a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, as the "Plus" version is now available on Steam for $9.99 USD - the $14.99 "All You Can Eat Edition" version comes with every single DLC available to the game as well.

Pac-Man Championship DX+ hitting Steam on 25th September

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The well-received Pac-Man Championship DX+ will be landing on Steam on the 25th September, three years after the console version was released back in November 2010.

PSN Summer Sale kicks off

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The PlayStation US Blog has announced that the Summer Sale on PSN has begun with the following discounts on games.

PSN "nearly even" with Xbox Live on multiplatform releases

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The Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment group (FADE), reports that the PlayStation Network has "seen significant growth" recently.

They say 2nd half of the year growth on PSN was 40%, "greatly outpacing" Xbox Live's 18%. It's "nearly even" with XBLA sales on simultaneous releases.

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