Ridge Racer Driftopia Summary

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Ridge Racer Driftopia now on Steam Early Access

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Free-to-play drift-athon Ridge Racer Driftopia is now available for PC racers to get their PC mitts on via PC's Steam Early Access. PC! It was announced back in April with a full release expected late in 2013.

Currently there's no multiplayer support, however its online stores are open for your business to drift in, with 10 tracks and 20 automobiles available for purchase. It was in Closed Beta last month.

Closed beta begins for Namco's Ridge Racer Driftopia on Steam

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The first ever free-to-play Ridge Racer has just begun its closed beta phase with registrants receiving beta keys via the official Ridge Racer Driftopia website. The beta client is available through Steam.

Namco promise the series' "signature drifting and arcade handling" remain at the heart of Driftopia. It's in development with Bugbear Entertainment, creator of Ridge Racer Unbounded.

Namco Bandai announces free-to-play racer Ridge Racer Driftopia

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Namco Bandai has announced a new free-to-play racer developed by Bugbear, Ridge Racer Driftopia. The game is based on the developer's previous effort Ridge Racer Unbounded, and will be released on the PC and PlayStation 3 later this year.