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Space Force - Rogue Universe Reviews


Space Force - Rogue Universe Review

Space, it's big and mostly black - Provox Games delivers a very attractive version of our final frontier in Spaceforce: Rogue Universe, with an abundance of shiny things we can collect.

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Bitter sweet · by xempyreanx ·

SF: RU gives you the space that you always dreamed of - in visuals. The game is absolutealy beautiful and the engine is really optimised. Pity that the developers didn't know how to handle them. The always (and I mean always) sparkling lights and too much glow makes you see nothing more than a big pile of shining - literaly. The music is okay, but it doesn't always suit the universe. The voice acting is terrible, and the quest are divided into 2: kill XY, fix XY. Trading is not even near to the X-series'.
All in all, it had potencial, but srewed it up. Still, the graphics engine should be used in another game :)

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