Star Trek: The Video Game Features

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Preview: How did he beat your test?

Videogame movie tie-ins: the final frontier. These are the Voyages of the Videogame Star Trek. Its continuing missions: To be a decent videogame, to not be rushed or hampered by development constraints, to boldly go where no videogame movie tie-in has gone before. Ok, that was a bit silly, but we all know the curse that seems to afflict all move tie-in games, and there’s every...

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Preview: Jonah Falcon got to check out the new Star Trek game based on JJ Abrams' film at E3.

Love or hate the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot from 2009, it's here to stay. With Star Trek 2 coming out in 2012, what better time to get a new licensed videogame of the series?Unlike most licensed films, the Star Trek videogame is being given a full development cycle; movie license games tend to be quick knockoffs with developers expected to make a...