Star Wars: The Old Republic

EU & US Release date: 20 Dec, 2011
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Features

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Interview: We get down and dirty with one of the guys behind Star Wars: The Old Republic. (PC)

We sat down with Daniel Erickson and got to grips with Star Wars: The Old Republic - it's scale, what it means for the KOTOR franchise and how it plans to invigorate the MMO: Strategy Informer: Can you give any indication how far along the game is? Daniel Erickson: Not really, as it never...

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Preview: E3 2011: We get another hands-on look at The Old Republic...

On the second day of E3, I got a helping of Star Wars: The Old Republic, first playing as a level one character in a starting zone, then running a raid (called an Operation in the MMO's parlance) on Tatooine as a ravaging Sith. In between the playthroughs, a briefing with the developers revealed more information on the hotly anticipated MMO. <table...

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Preview: We get some hands-on time at this year's GamesCom. May the force be with you...

I worry about The Old Republic sometimes. Like most of the press, hearing what Bioware have been saying about the game (and due to the pure fact that this IS Bioware we are talking about), I'm as cautiously optimistic as the next journalist. Bioware haven't really made a bad game to date, and there's no reason to suspect they are going to start here... and yet I still worry.<br...

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Preview: A Long Time Ago before A Long Time Ago... (PC)

You’d have thought that after almost 33 years, a recent trilogy of patchy movies, a dodgy animated feature and a slew of dire videogaming shovelware, the world might have grown tired of Star Wars by now. Of course, had you actually thought this would ever be the case you’d obviously be dead wrong. The Star Wars brand is and always will be as powerful and persuasive as a Jedi mind trick,...