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They’re cute, they’re blue, they’ll drive you mad, too!

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PSN Summer Sale kicks off

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The PlayStation US Blog has announced that the Summer Sale on PSN has begun with the following discounts on games.

Don't panic, Hothead takes on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Deathspank's Hothead Games is going to be undertaking the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series with a videogame. The studio loves RPGS and strategy.

What shape will Hitchhikers be taking? Penny Arcade Adventures was a turn-based RPG, Deathspank was action-RPG and Swarm a horde action strategy.

PAX East 2011: Swarm trailer released

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The Swarm trailer that was shown off at PAX East 2011 has been released by Hothead Games, as a not-so-cute girl starts having... dark thoughts about the Swarmites.

Swarm infests XBLA, PSN next week

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Hothead Games has tweeted that Swarm, their Lemmings-like action game, will be coming to PlayStation Network on March 22, and Xbox Live Arcade on March 23: It's 3/22 PSN, 3/23 XBLA. Kept it short and simple to fit in 140 chars. :)

Hothead's Swarm "in submission with" XBLA and PSN, info "soon"

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Hothead Games' Joel DeYoung and Pete Low recently answered some questions - from Strategy Informer no less - on their latest 'Hothead Mailbag' piece.

We asked, among other things, when can we see Swarm land on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. They're waiting right now on MS and Sony.

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