Syndicate (1993) Summary

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Classic real-time strategy game Syndicate is available for free on Origin

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Bullfrog's classic 1993 strategy game Syndicate is one of those releases that you often hear developers and gamers waxing lyrical about, but considering its age there's probably a lot of people out there who've never tried it out.

Now's your chance – Syndicate is the latest title to be made available through Origin's On The House programme.

5Lives Studios reveal Kickstarter countdown, suggest 'Syndicate successor'

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What the heck did I just watch? It gave me tingly feelings I know that much. Good tingly feelings? Perhaps. I'll have to wait 35 days until I can know for sure, but 5Lives Studios is the source of this mystery.

A video has been posted by the totally unheard of studio that teases a Bullfrog Productions bigwig who, back in 1996, helped make a little something for PC. Now they want to 'redefine the genre'...

EA "never set out to 'remake' Syndicate," potential "huge, with a lot of options"

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We had a chat with EA Partners executive producer Jeff Gamon about Syndicate, and he says they've been "trying to get it made for ages," and Starbreeze aligned as "ideal partners".

There's been a "core of people" trying to get Syndicate up and running again, but they "never set out to 'remake'" the classic IP - it was about bringing it back "to a new audience."

There's "scope to remake" classic Syndicate, "purely speculative"

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EA and Starbreeze Studios are developing Syndicate as a first-person shooter for PC and consoles, but EA Partners' Jeff Gamon ponders the original.

The Bullfrog title was "such a classic," and there's "scope to remake it," he says. Going down the "strategic route" better on PC and mobile than console.

EA debuts first Syndicate trailer

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Get it while it's hot! EA have just released the very first trailer for Starbreeze Studios' Syndicate first-person shooter reboot for the classic PC series from Bullfrog.

It's full of sexy corporate warfare and literal head trips. The trailer also confirms the February 21st release date for Syndicate on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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