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Crowdfunded space strategy-RPG The Mandate seems to be dead

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Developer Perihelion gone quiet or dissolved, with websites closed or due to close. The highly ambitious game was described as XCOM meets Star Trek Online in the style of Battlestar Galactica.

Sci-fi sandbox RPG The Mandate scheduled for Gamescom, Perihelion to showcase squad tactics and AI

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The dystopic sci-fi RPG The Mandate from studio Perihelion Interactive will be at Gamescom early next month, and the team will be giving demos of the game's squad tactics and AI. It's built using the Unity 5 engine.

Select press will also get to see the ship boarding combat unfold. The Mandate has us responsible for an entire ship and its crew as we make power-altering decisions rooted in the drama aboard our ship.

Ship layouts and service branches detailed for sci-fi soap opera The Mandate

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Perihelion Interactive has posted a new update for The Mandate detailing the layouts of ships, the six different service branches and briefly touched on the coat of arms. The studio reveal why they're important.

A ship's layout will of course matter when managing the crew, especially if you're repelling invaders. The service branches all provide distinct functions but also character progression.

New video demonstrates The Mandate’s Battle Orchestrator mode

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A new video from developer Perihelion Interactive demonstrates their sandbox sci-fi strategy RPG The Mandate’s Battle Orchestrator mode. Battle Orchestrator is a holographic simulator that allows players to plan and execute their deep space battles.

Perihelion explain The Mandate's RTS Battle Orchestrator

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Space opera The Mandate is beyond the Kickstarter nebula and finally on track for production. Perihelion Entertainment has revealed more about their so-called Battle Orchestrator and what they intend.

Real-time strategies have gotten rather stale, they feel, despite fancy visuals and destructibility. Battle Orchestrator designed to abolish the "tactical click-fest".

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