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EA pulls the plug on support for The Sims 2, but offers free Ultimate Version

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Bad news: EA is ending all support for The Sims 2, by which they mean updates and new content. Good news: everybody who had a digital copy of the core game will receive the entire catalog of expansions for free.

Anybody who's eligible for the free copy of the game's Ultimate Edition will see it pop up in their Origin account "within the next 5 days".

PC version of Minecraft passes 12M sales

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The PC version of Minecraft has passed 12M units sold, passing the sales figures of such classic games as Half-Life, Battlefield 2 and Starcraft.

Electronic Arts shuts down online for a batch of older games

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On the 11th January, Electronic Arts will be shutting down online support for their 2011 branded EA Sports titles, as well as The Sims 2 a few days later.

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