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Thief: The Dark Project Summary

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Eidos keeping stuff that "looks weird and is mystical" in Thief, but not zombies

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There'll be a turning down of crazy in Eidos Montreal's new Thief, but that doesn't mean they won't stay mystical. It's important that players can connect to the "realistic believable aspect" of Garrett's world.

The studio have kept in the mystical, but not the magical, and no they will "not have zombies in this one." We were teased about a certain Thief tradition being followed when it comes to levels.

Thief Gold lands on Good Old Games

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Good Old Games has announced that the classic first person stealth game, Thief Gold, is now available from the digital distributor. Thief Gold was the special edition of the original Thief: The Dark Project, which was released in 1998.