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Titan Quest is a game that looks nice, plays well, and has immense opportunities both for replaying, and for making your own worlds.

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is free for everyone that owns the original

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THQ Nordic are feeling pretty happy about the name switch from Nordic Games, so happy that they've decided to release the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition for free to anyone that owns Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne or Titan Quest Gold.

This basically means that over 1 million people currently own Titan Quest Anniversary Edition on Steam, although fortunately for those that don't own any of the games mentioned above, Nordic Games have thought of you too and are offering a discount of 75% off for one week.

TitanQuest 2 didn't happen because THQ never purchased developer Iron Lore

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Crate Entertainment founder Arthur Bruno revealed that his former development studio Iron Lore was never able to create a TitanQuest 2 because THQ acquired Big Huge Games instead of Iron Lore, while THQ owned the rights to the game.

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