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Trine Latest News

Frozenbyte talk Trine 2's online co-op and "completely new story"

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Trine was a platform, puzzle-solving, physics-laden co-op action game - yeah - and now Frozenbyte want to ditch "all the bad stuff" for Trine 2.

Trine 2 includes online drop-in/out co-op, and the hardest challenge with it is always "level design." Trine is great for its "multiple choices" to obstacles.

E3 2010: Atlus reveals Frozenbyte making Trine 2, will be at E3

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That puzzle platform game with the quirky physics is getting a sequel from Finnish studio Frozenbyte, and it's far along enough to make it to E3.

Zeno Clash's Chilean developer Ace Team will also be at next week's E3 to show their 'Rock of Ages' project announces publisher Atlus.