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Preview: Hear Crytek roar (for free).

Warface. Let that title sink in for a moment. Roll it around your mouth, let it trip off the tongue and burst forth a throaty gravel befitting the machismo constrained in those seven scant letters. THIS. IS. WARFACE. It’s a stupid title and there’s no point denying that it’ll put a good number of people off, but after playing Warface for even...

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Interview: What's your War Face?

Warface. I remember seeing it at last year’s GamesCom. It was an interesting title, had some decent enough ideas on the co-op side, and even some nice touches on the competitive side as well, but I never heard much about it after that – for a brief time I thought it might have been cancelled. Instead, it turns out Crytek were just busy conquering the east instead – Warface has been...