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awesome · by Budamon ·

one of the best RTS games ever made! keeps everything in scale and has a more realistic feel vs the cartoonish look you get with games like empire earth etc. my only complaint is that the campaign ended!!!

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Very god game, if you have an ultra-PC! · by paelleon ·

The good, old time of the '80s Cold War are very well recreated in the Mr. Harpoon (ak. Larry Bond) game. Soviets are everywhere shooting and chopping USA to shreds, great! The action is lightning quick and the devastation you can call as support make some sci-fi RTS tremble, but this is the real capability of a modern army, no exageration!
The game has wonderful graphic, even too much wonderful as you can see. In some pictures you can think it's a FPS! Unfortunatly this reflect in a very-ultra-hyper high demands on the video card. To be short, do you have an 8800GTX or better (?!), well you can play it at full. Otherwise here it comes instability issues due to, hear me, video card overheats!! I have an 8800GTS OC and I must play at LOW settings!
The audio section is equally great, with shelling and bombs shaking your very room (truly, buy a 5:1 set, it's worth of it!).
Multiplayer is, as usual, the most fun part of the game. With player that needs to be well coordinated to win with combined arms tactics.

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