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Ubisoft Is Giving Watch_Dogs For Free, Bringing Assassin's Creed IV And World In Conflict Back

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That's three games, including piratey-GTA Black Flag.

World in Conflict granted stay of execution as server shutdown postponed

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Cult strategy title World in Conflict looked like it was on the brink of disappearing entirely back in August, when developer Massive Entertainment (now Ubisoft Massive) informed players that it was closing down the game's servers.

Thankfully it's just received something of a stay of execution; Massive has announced that it's looking for new ways to keep the game alive, and that the planned sever shutdown has been postponed for a while.

Far Cry 3's Ubisoft Massive underway on "AAA Next-Gen Online RPG" project

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Swedish-based Ubisoft Massive is tinkering around on a next generation online RPG, according to game designer Marc Cartwright's LinkedIn profile. It's unclear if Massive is leading development or not.

Speculatory eyebrows are raising at the notion this could be the 'God of War lite' project that was leaked back in August, which looked a little Prince of Persia, but wasn't related to the IP.

World in Conflict developer working on "next-gen project"

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Ubisoft Massive has revealed they're cooking up a "next-gen project" via a job listing for an Online Game Programmer. The studio created PC RTS World in Conflict way back when.

They are also developing the online component for Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry 3. This new project needs "modern AAA Online game features," and it'll be heading for multiple platforms.

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