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World of Tanks Reviews


World of Tanks Review

Now that's an Armoured Assault.

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The game is a rip off and a good money maker for Wargaming Inc.The gameplay is a joke with ZERO authenticity to it.Like little medium tanks taking out heavy tank destroyers in 3 shots anywhere on their armor.Ye,its that bad of a game.The RNG and netcode is a joke and was written by a lab monkey,constant bouncing off side ormor with your shots and almost instant fires or ammo racks these days.The only way to win at this game is to SPEND a boat load of money firing GOLD rounds.Such a rip off,was good when it began but now it is too blatant of a scam and money pit.Oh and they also allow CHEATS in the form of MODS,who in their right mind wants to pay for that crap,What a joke!!!

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