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Interview:'s Vlad Belozerov talks about the follow up to World of Tanks.

We came away suitably impressed when we took the closed beta of World of Warplanes for a spin in our preview earlier this month, so we talked with’s Vlad Belozerov to discuss the game’s development, balancing historical accuracy with fun and the what the success of World of Tanks taught the company about making free-to-play PC titles.

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Interview: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its... actually, it IS a plane...

We only got a brief glimpse of it at last year's GamesCom, but's latest MMO - World of Warplanes - appears to be coming along in leaps and bounds. We talked to Anton Sitnikau to find out more...PLEASE NOTE: The screenshot showing the inside of the cockpit is not actually from World of Warplanes. We've deleted it and all similar screenshots from...

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Preview: Strategy Informer takes to the skies with a look at the dogfighting follow-up to World of Tanks.

In a very short time World of Tanks exploded from a cult oddity to a steam-rolling leviathan of an MMO, notching up records for registered users and concurrent players along the way as well as garnering a devoted community thanks to an F2P model that blazed the trail for the likes of Tribes: Ascend and PlanetSide 2 by being, well, not punitive rubbish. Now have given us a...