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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Features

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Interview: What have Firaxis got up their sleeve this time?

Well this certainly was a surprise. Everyone's been waiting to hear more about the XCOM First-person shooter ever since it was announced, but instead we get yet another announcement of a XCOM strategy game. Who'd have thunk-it? We talk to Producer Gareth DeAngelis to find out more...  ...

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Preview: Our final preview before verdict...

The XCOM series reaches way back into the retro realm, and given its strong cult following and years of loitering in Top 100 Games of All Time lists, it would seem this new reboot has a ready made audience. But what about those who’ve yet to join the XCOM cult? Can the classic callings of sci-fi strategy appeal to complete newcomers? Having spent a few intense hours...

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Preview: Fear the Alien.

There are two possibilities: Either this game is going to be good, or it’s going to be bad. Both are equally as terrifying. Well, not really, but it's no easy feat to take on a classic franchise and bring forward for a more modern audience. EA's similar attempt with the Syndicate franchise was a bit of a shamble (although arguably that's down to the overcrowded FPS genre as much as...

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Preview: You might find the enemy in this game is not so unknown afterall...

An XCOM resurgence has been a long time coming; I think we can all agree. 2K’s original announcement of the FPS XCOM may have been welcome, but since it seemed to be in a similar vein as to what EA did with Syndicate, I doubt anyone was overly anticipating that particular game. Imagine our surprise though when, not only did 2K announce another XCOM, but...