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This mod offers classic Annihilation and Victory Point game modes with additional customizable options. Players can adjust the population cap from 25 to 500, as well as the resource income from 25% to 500%. Starting resources are available in four different levels, including Zero, Standard (390/25/15), High (1300/50/50), and Very high (2600/100/100). Starting commander points can also be adjusted between 0 to 32 (max), and victory points can be set from 50 to 5000. However, players should be mindful of the combinations they choose as certain options may lead to degraded performance, particularly when using AI players. It is recommended to not exceed 200 population cap per player in a 4v4, 250 in a 3v3, and 400 in a 2v2 to ensure that all players have a playable experience. In addition to the existing customizable options, the mod plans to introduce new features, such as an option to set the level of pre-built base buildings and tech upgrades, as well as experimental options for increasing the difficulty of AI players, with specific details yet to be determined.

Credits: Janne252

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GameModes.Steam 14 27 Feb 2023