Download Vibrant and Sharp Reshade Preset Mod

This Spyro Reignited Trilogy mod is a vibrant and sharp reshade preset. The preset includes: -- MXAO (Adds in shading where there would naturally be shading, such as from the grass strands etc, makes it look less flat) -- Vibrance (Slight vibrance increase) -- DPX (Increases brightness/highlights slightly, mostly used to counter the darkness from HDR) -- HDR (Adjusts the levels of darkness and lightness) -- LumaSharpen (Sharpens textures for a much clearer look, doesnt impact edges as much as other sharpening methods) -- Clarity (Affects contrast to make things stand out more) -- Bloom (Adds some slight bloom) -- Optional SMAA (Off by default, you may disable the ingame TAA and enable this if you wish, Not recommend using both together. It is a very good anti-aliasing method though that causes almost no blur on textures, and removes jagged edges quite well.)

Credits: nadiayorc

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Vibrant and Sharp Reshade Preset Mod 9 10 Sep 2019