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This Stardew Valley mod adds new field crops and tree crops to the game, including several year 2 varieties (season/first available): * Blackcurrant (summer/year 2): a complex summer fruit, sweet, tart and earthy. * Blue Corn (summer and fall/year 1): a traditional flour corn variety * Cardamom (summer/year 1): the third most expensive spice in the world, enjoyed in cuisines ranging from Indian curry to Scandinavian flatbreads * Cranberry Beans (spring/year 2): also known as borlotti beans, these beans are tender, floury and very colorful. * Maypop (summer/year 2): a hardy passion fruit that grows where most passion flowers dare not grow, and tastes great, too! * Peppercorn (summer and fall/year 1): the classic seasoning that might make you sneeze. Harvests in a nice pepper grinder for freshness. * Red Currant (Spring/year 2) * Rose Hips (summer/year 1): tart and tangy, and filled with vitamin C, this fruit packs a healthy punch. * Roselle Hibiscus (summer/year 2): also known as sorrel or Jamaican hibiscus, these plants are grown for spicy leaves and tart fruit more than flowers. * Summer Squash (summer/year 1): harvested when the rind is still tender and edible, these squash don't keep well. * Taro (summer or fall/year 2): A staple throughout the tropics, these root vegetables must be soaked or cooked before eating. * White Currant (fall/year 2): a cultivar of the red currant, these berries are the sweetest and mildest in their family. Trees: * Clove (fall): an evergreen tree that produces powerfully flavored little flower buds, which have both medicinal and culinary uses. * Date (summer): an emblem of the tropics, the date is one of the oldest cultivated fruits. *Pandan (spring): every part of this plant is used, including its aromatic, grassy leaves, fatty nuts, flavorful fruit and fibrous trunk. Aerial roots help support the trunk.

Credits: Bonster

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