Stardew Valley Latest Updates

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Comes Out Today

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We've got the exact release time, as well as a full changelog. If you're hyped for the update, check it out.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Release Date Announced

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The long-awaited multiplayer update for Stardew Valley is nearing its release! Read up on details right here.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Released

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Good news for Stardew Valley fans: the game’s long-awaited multiplayer beta has finally arrived. This 1.3 update will be released first to Steam users, then GOG players later in the week.

Chucklefish Outline Their Plans For Stardew Valley's Long-Awaited Co-Op Mode - But It's Still A 2018 Release

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Originally teased back in 2015, popular - and charming - farming RPG 'Stardew Valley' is still without official co-op support. But developer's Chucklefish are at least ready to define what they mean when they say that it's coming.

Stardew Valley 1.1 Arrives on Monday

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Taking to the forums to announce the patch's completion on Wednesday, Stardew Valley dev Eric Barone also stated how he wouldn't release the patch into the wild before he was certain every major bug was either squashed or accounted for.

Now, just 2 days later, the patch has been penciled in to launch this Monday.

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