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The Battlefront III Legacy Mod for Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II recreates everything from the cancelled game using leaked assets.

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 assets left on Raccoon City disc meant that Slant Six were pulled off their unrevealed second Resident Evil title.

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How they keep turning up is anyone's guess, but if you're impatiently looking forward to next year's inevitable Battlefront sequel, you may want to see what Free Radical had cooking up for the official 'Battlefront 3'.

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While not exactly 'Gaming' news, Portal and its sequel are more or less cult classics. The surprise new IP seen Valve's Orange Box release stunned critics with its blend of mind-numbing puzzles and sentient AI humor causing a sequel to eventually roll around and stun us again.

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The Star Wars Battlefront 3 fan remake has been given the go-ahead by Valve to release the game on Steam. Frontwire have been rebuilding the abandoned Star Wars Battlefront 3 project (created by TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design) for some time now, the Russian developers have even renamed the project to Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil.

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Awesomenauts is a colorful competitive platformer that was released by Romino games in August 2012. It's had fairly positive success over the years and today Romino announced their latest expansion for the game, Overdrive, along with a lovely video showing off what players can expect to see.

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Valve and Psyonix have announced that car football hybrid Rocket League will be getting some Portal-themed downloadable content in December for free.

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Developer ESTsoft, Inc.has announced that Art of War, a free update for the long-running MMO Cabal Online, is now available for download. The update ups the difficulty level to "Elite" and adds new areas, quests and arenas.

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Klei is a studio that has produced some very impressive games since they've been around. The studio just passed their 10 year anniversary and to celebrate, they're putting their whole line-up on sale and letting you try it free this weekend.

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After a few years of Steam Early Access, the roleplaying game The Age of Decadence, which takes place after the fall of the Roman Empire, has finally been launched today on Steam. The game had been in development since 2012.