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Hotline Miami 3 is not in Development

Devolver Digital has confirmed: there is no new Hotline Miami game in development.

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Play Resident Evil 3 Remake early with this Mod

Sadly, Resident Evil 3 Remake hasn't yet been announced, but this HD Mod is going to be a near-perfect substitute for those who just can't wait to play an upscaled version of the original.

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The Best Free Games On PC

Need a free game on PC with which to spend all that extra time? Have a look at our list.

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The Best Horror Games on PC

Looking for a horror game or several to play on PC? We've rounded up the best ones in this here list.

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Play Diablo 1 in your Web-Browser

If you're looking to relive your glory days or simply enjoy a dash of nostalgia, this web-based build of Diablo 1 is just the right choice.

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Alan Wake 2 was put on hold to make Control

Could Alan Wake 2 be coming sometime in the future? According to Sam Lake, it very nearly happened a few times already.

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Tim Willits to Leave id Software After QuakeCon 2019

After 24 years with the company, id Software studio director Tim Willits is set to move on after QuakeCon 2019. His departure will not affect any of the studio's planned releases.

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Rune 2 will have CO-OP and PvP at launch thanks to Epic Store Exclusivity

The follow-up to the 20-year-old cult classic Rune is going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and the developers explained why that is the case in a recent interview.

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Alan Wake publishing rights revert to Remedy

Remedy Entertainment has just announced that they now have full publishing rights for the Alan Wake games!

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Team17 Reveals Blasphemous Gameplay Video, A 2D Castlevania-Meets-God Of War Style Retro Game

Team17 has unveiled a gameplay trailer of a brutal new 2D retro-style game by Spanish developer The Game Kitchen, Blasphemous. The game can best be described as Castlevania meets God of War with light roleplaying game elements.