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New EVE Online trailer is a celebration of operatic space conflict

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To call EVE Online a video game seems almost laughably simplistic, considering the sheer scale of treachery, corporate espionage and pure, glorious space violence that occurs within its virtual borders.

Despite grovelling every now and then as a news story of another mass battle or long con game breaks, I've never been able to make the commitment and get into CCP's space MMO. This new trailer really makes me want to.

Game of Thrones now available to pre-order on Steam, PC specs revealed

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It's getting ever closer. If I was being a bit obvious and House Stark about it, I might even say "winter is coming." Telltale's Game of Thrones is creeping closer to release this winter, and the game's now available to pre-order on Steam.

There's even some recommended PC specifications, though obviously it's unlikely that this is going to strain your rig too much.

Goat Simulator MMO in tribute to Diablo's fabled 'cow level'

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Back in a time when games weren't entirely mastered by eagle-eyed Youtubers around thirty minutes after launch, Diablo's fabled cow level was one of the greatest gaming myths, the forerunner to GTA: San Andreas' missing Sasquatch.

Goat Simulator's recent, and breathtakingly silly, MMO update has paid tribute to this storied saga with an entire level of cows walking upright and shooting lasers out of their eyes.

Fast-paced MOBA battler TOME: Immortal Arena now available on Steam

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I know, I know. There's more than a few MOBAs out there vying for your attention already, and anyway, it can seem like playing anything but endless League of Legends DotA2 matches is a waste of time.

If you don't have the hours to put in to getting shouted at by irate junglers, however, newly released relative TOME: Immortal Arena may be more up your street.

Paypal email reveals the Steam Autumn Sale will begin November 26

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Prepare for your wallet to take another battering just a few weeks before Christmas, because Steam is kicking off its Autumn sale this November 26.

The news was revealed by an email sent to Paypal customers, which revealed that the sale would run until December 1. Valve hasn't officially confirmed anything yet, but it's pretty much a given that the dates are correct.

Zombies Monsters Robots adds giants mechs in Steel Corps update

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Free to play team shooter Zombies Monsters Robots has just received a big update called Steel Corps, allowing players to pilot mech battlesuits into combat.

The new Team Mech Match mode accompanies nine new maps for both PvP and PvE in the pretty hefty content drop.

Blood Sport on Kickstarter, get hit and lose real blood for "donation gaming events"

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Got some extra blood circulating you're willing to see shed in the name of gaming and blood donation? Kickstarter has gone live with a campaign for Blood Sport, which is going to literally drain you dry.

Well, not so much if you're actually good at not being shoot. The idea is "stupidly simple," says the team behind it. The rumble feedback is 'hacked' to let an Arduino know it's time to pay up.

Sony Online "nearly done" with Early Access list for H1Z1, "real happy with where we are at"

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John Smedley, big boss over at Sony Online Entertainment, has tweeted that his H1Z1 team has almost completed their "early access list of stuff" for the zombie open-world MMO. The more bells and whistles the better.

Sony has held off launching before now, but with little information as to why. Now we know it's because they wanted to cram it with more things first. It's got big competition to out-shuffle after all.

Ashen Rift is "a man and a dog" against Earth shattering forces, now on Kickstarter

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Think your four-legged best friend can take on apocalyptic journeys? Ashen Rift is single-player, first-person survival game. It's got Quake and HeXen inspirations for that "classic shooter" feel.

Pyroclastic Games has brought their project to Kickstarter where they ask for $85,000 CAD with over 40 days to go. A portal has opened on Earth and has "raged with impunity" - now it's up to us.

DLC maps for Evolve will be available to all players for free

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DLC maps for Evolve will be available to players free, ensuring that players won't get kicked off of a game server because they don't own the right content.

Creative director Phil Robb revealed the news to IGN, adding that players will also fight alongside new characters and against new monsters as long as they know someone who has bought the DLC.