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Carbine's MMO WildStar in 'Proto-Sale' with 50% off, includes Deluxe Edition

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The colourful and tongue-in-cheek MMO WildStar is currently on sale with 50% shaved off the asking price, for both the standard and deluxe editions. The deluxe upgrade though remains at full price.

It's a good time to get involved if you've been keeping an eye on things, especially since earlier this month they released the Mystery of the Genesis Prime update with a huge list of fixes.

Real-time space strategy Distant Star: Revenant Fleet now Greenlit on Steam

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It has taken just under two weeks for Blazing Griffin's real-time space strategy Distant Star: Revenant Fleet to be zipped through Steam Greenlight, with over 3,000 votes demanding more space pew-pew.

It's already available through alpha access, but can now officially join the Early Access club on Steam. The first content update landed this week, with it due for full release in Q1 2015.

Introversion bring Prison Architect to Alpha 27, no more 'quantum tunnelling' food

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Another excellent Alpha video update from Introversion Software as Prison Architect inches forward to Alpha 27. There are some big changes on the menu.

By 'menu' I'm actually referring to the game's handling of kitchens which, from the last alpha, used 'quantum tunnelling' to help get food around the prison - that 'cheat' was very quickly exploited.

Raven's Cry pushed back again by Reality Pump, now out December 16th

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The pirate-themed RPG romp Raven's Cry from developer Reality Pump should have been out yesterday having already "hit some rough seas" and needing more time in dry dock.

The release date has come and gone, only to find Raven's Cry is now bound for the high seas in mid-December. It's a third-person adventure RPG with plenty of swashbuckling.

Don't Starve Together opening up beta in December, free content due in Spring 2015

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Klei Entertainment has posted a roadmap for Don't Starve, specifically the new multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together. The studio is going to give beta keys to all 80,000 registrations who signed up.

There's also free content on the horizon with Through the Ages, which is out in Spring 2015. For those who really want in the beta, Klei have announced the Frontier Pack for 'safe' purchases.

FIFA series has been increasing football's popularity in the States, EA claims‏

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I'm not sure exactly how all this data has been collated, but EA claims that the FIFA series has been steadily increasing football's (not soccer) popularity in the States.

According to facts and figures in an infographic drawn up by the publishing giant, 34% of FIFA players became fans of pro soccer after playing the game, while 50% had an increased interest in the sport.

Milestone release new Ducati 1199 trailer for RIDE, set for release in Spring 2015‏

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Italian studio Milestone s.r.l. is currently developing RIDE, a superbike racer that's the developer's first ever proprietary IP.

The team has released a new trailer for the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, one of the street bikes you'll be able to ride in the final game.

First footage of first-person horror Lethe released‏

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Lethe is a first-person horror game with a focus on physics-based telekinetic combat. Think Outlast, except you can chuck boxes at people.

Developer KouKou Studios has just revealed the first footage of the game in action, offering a tiny glimpse of what's in store.

Trainz: A New Era coming to PC February 2, new dev diary released‏

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N3V Games and Deep Silver have announced that Trainz: A New Era, the next incarnation of the ongoing rail simulator series, is coming to PC on February 27.

They've also released the first trailer for the game, with several members of the development team discussing the major changes longtime fans can expect.

Blizzard teases new Blood Elf character models‏

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Most of World of Warcraft's races got a visual overhaul in the game's latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Players running Blood Elf characters, however, drew the short straw.

Fortunately Blizzard is working on an upgrade for elves too, acknowledging that "it’s not ideal to see a mix of older player character models next to newer player character models".

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