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Space Hulk: Ascension adds a new chapter and a new story campaign with the Imperial Fists Expansion

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It's always the Ultramarines, isn't it? Those self-important blue sods get all the credit and acclaim, and the poor old Imperial Fists have to wander around the Warhammer 40K universe, tidying up after orks and tyranids and getting absolutely no credit for it.

Well not longer. Indie developer Full Control has announced the first new content pack for its reworked board game adaptation Space Hulk: Ascension, the Imperial Fists Expansion. Can you guess what's in it?

Enhanced version of classic action adventure Outlast makes surprising appearance on Steam

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Fans of the incredibly ambitious 1999 action adventure Outcast had their hearts broken earlier this year, when a Kickstarter campaign for an HD remake of the game failed to meet its goal.

But all is not lost! An enhanced version of the original titled Outlast 1.1 has popped up on Steam today out of nowhere. It's not quite the total remaster that the Kickstarter was set up for, but it does add a few new bells and whistles, and configures the game to run smoothly on modern PCs.

Carbine Studios lays out plans for first WildStar update of 2015

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Carbine Studios has big plans for its sci-fi fantasy MMO Wildstar moving into 2015, and it's keen to share them with fans. Hence this new blog post from the team, detailing exactly what they're working on.

As well as new bits and pieces of content, and some general 'quality of life' improvements, the main thrust of the update plans seem to be focused on making general play more accessible to players of all levels and play-styles.

Update 1.2 for This War of Mine adds a new shelter and the chance to choose your starting characters

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Anti-war war game (that does actually make sense) This War of Mine has just received a major update, adding a new shelter for your band of desperate civilians to hide in, and the chance to choose your starting group of characters.

Those are the major additions in update 2.1, but as you'd expect there's also a bunch of fixes and balance tweaks, including improvements to animations and NPC behaviour.

Multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb is coming to Steam

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Splash Damage's post-apocalyptic team-based shooter Dirty Bomb is coming to Steam, the developer has announced. It's big news for a game that's fun, but currently held back by low player population - hopefully this will encourage more people to try out the ongoing open beta.

For the unfamiliar, Dirty Bomb is from the same team that developed the excellent Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and maintains some of that game's objective-based gameplay.

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