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DoubleBear launch "brand new" Dead State demo alongside new patch

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If freerunning over a zombie-infested city isn't your thing then maybe you'd rather manage a shelter? DoubleBear Productions has just released a new patch for Dead State, as well as release a new playable demo.

The demo is a "brand new" slice of the turn-based survivor, and lets you experience the first 7 days and includes 15 other survivors and 18 unique locations to explore. Saves will transfer over if you buy.

Dying Light receives Patch 1.2.1, features "numerous performance optimizations"

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Techland has unleashed the bug fix horde of Patch 1.2.1 for Dying Light, and atop the changelog are "general and configuration-specific" optimisations for performance. They also tackled some crashes.

Audio issues were bludgeoned too, and there'll be no more of that weapon duplication going on! They've also limited the camera FOV when in cutscenes if you tweak the in-game FOV slider.

Turtle Rock show Solo Gameplay video for Evolve, both as the monster and hunters

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Evolve is Turtle Rock's new four-player shooter, but with a twist! It's actually 4 vs. 1, but just because everything up till now has been blowing the multiplayer trumpet, it doesn't mean solo gamers are left out.

A new Solo Gameplay Experience video of in-game play has been released that's over 22 minutes long, and we get to see first the monster in action before switching to the hunters, where you can hot-swap.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 adds Collections System, "will free up a ton of space"

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All that clutter in your backpack is about to get a significant spring clean, thanks to Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online. The dev team has decided to implement a Collections System, but what does that mean?

It means items considered as 'collectibles', like pets and mounts, won't be stuff in your backpack any more. Instead they'll have their own section with "easy access" without lugging them around.

DICE "specifically tailor" maps to certain modes in Star Wars: Battlefront, release concept artwork

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Star Wars: Battlefront is due late this year and DICE has just released some teasing concept art for the game. They also reveal a "great variety" in both map size and game modes we'll be fighting through.

In fact the studio decided to "specifically tailor certain maps" meaning Hoth is a vast tundra, because of the invasion of Hoth by AT-ATs, while Endor's Moon is more compact due to the dense woods.

Introversion "closing in on the end game" for Prison Architect, will launch in 2015

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The latest Alpha release for Prison Architect is here, now at 29, and it's a "Massive alpha" update to the prison management sim. What's more is the Introversion team is finally ready to launch it this year.

Parole is now in the game, which is the 'end game' for all prisoners not serving a life sentence. Libraries and Places of Worship are also added for some quiet time. A new video is now out for Alpha 29.

Firaxis shows off first footage of Sid Meier’s Starships

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Developer Firaxis has just released the first footage of its upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth spin-off, Sid Meier’s Starships. The slice of gameplay was shown off in a Twitch yesterday.

The legendary Sid Meier himself even made an appearance to explain how the space-fleet building turn-based strategy game works.

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