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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video teases "behind-the-scenes peek" at hands-on event, impressions next week

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A new video from CD Projekt RED has some teasing glimpses of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at play. A global hands-on event is about to spill some meaty impressions of the open-world RPG next week.

The studio organised venues around the world for people to get their hands-on experience, and now it's almost time for the dam to burst. The Witcher 3 was delayed until May.

Besiege on Steam Greenlight, build your own siege weapons for conquest

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Fancy constructing a flying, flame-spitting siege machine? Besiege is looking for the community thumbs up on Steam Greenlight, and sells itself as a simulation puzzle. Frankly that doesn't do it justice.

Whether it's a castle or a peaceful hamlet packed with soldiers and cattle, we need to conquer! We'll have to devise our most cunning siege weaponry to bring them to their knees.

Second dev diary for Life is Strange examines "Butterfly Effect" of rewinding time

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Upcoming episodic adventure Life is Strange from Dontnod Entertainment has just published its second developer diary with the team focusing on the rewinding time mechanic we'll be abusing a lot.

The unwritten rule on time travel, which is ludicrous when you think about it, is that you don't mess with past events because of the 'Butterfly Effect'. What huge butterfly wings will we be flapping?

Payday 2 gains 'The Bomb Heists' and 'Dragan Character Pack' DLC, first new content from an "external partner"

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Starbreeze has released the 15th and 16th DLC packs for Payday 2 this week, with The Bomb Heists adding two new heists through a new contact known as the Butcher, played by actress Mira Furlan.

Then there's the Dragan Character Pack adding a new crew member called Dragan, and a new assault rifle and cleaver weapon. He has his own mask and there's a new perk deck called Infiltrator.

Starr Mazer combines shoot 'em up and point-'n'-click adventure, on Kickstarter now

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Forget gene-splicing, it's genre-splicing that really matters in the future. Now we have the arrival of Starr Mazer on Kickstarter, seeking $160k to make this shoot 'em up and point-'n'-click adventure inter-genre marriage a reality.

Just to rile the blood of genres-shouldn't-mix conservatives a little more, there's a dash of RPG too - and they want some procedural generation as well. They plan a 'randomised episode' system.

Mojang "redoing the mechanics" of Minecraft's Ender Dragon on PC in 1.9

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The End in Minecraft is going to be overhauled for PC, at least bringing it up to snuff with the Ender Dragon console gamers face off against, but they'll be "taking it a step further," teases Nathan Adams.

He wouldn't go into detail on these extra changes, and also allay fears that 1.9 was all about the flying beast. "...this isn't all I'm doing for 1.9... not by far," Adams continued.

CD Projekt RED "now focusing entirely" on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077's "time will come"

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With CD Projekt RED having pushed RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt further back into May earlier this month, the studio is "now focusing entirely" on it to ensure they have it in the best shape possible.

What about that other RPG Cyberpunk 2077? We're told "worry not" about the highly anticipated sci-fi romp, as its "time will come." There's no release schedule yet for it. Hopefully before 2077.

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