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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can have chromatic aberration toggled off

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Weird distortions at the edge of your screen? That's likely chromatic aberration, which means not all colours are being focused properly, and it's something that irks some and goes unnoticed by others.

In any case, CD Projekt RED has pledged a setting will be available to slay the beast in The WItcher 3, so no matter where the game camera is focusing you won't get those distorted borders.

Death Row added in latest Prison Architect Alpha 31 update

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Introversion has finally brought the solemn duty of executions to the sandbox in Prison Architect, having only been available in the story campaign thus far. Now wardens can construct their own, should they choose to.

It's not a mandatory requirement for a prison, and neither does it afford any 'advantage'. It's available to unlock through the new Lawyer employee, who can also grant permission for 'indeterminate sentences'.

*UPDATED* Dead or Alive 5: Last Round drops on PC, short an online multiplayer mode

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is available now on PC, which is good. If you want to play online multiplayer though, you'll have to wait up to three months for a patch. Which is bad.

Yes, while the Steam PC version of Team Ninja's brawler features 4K support and even (my god) anti-aliasing, it doesn't yet allow you to beat up your friends online.

Mass Effect 4 on PC "looking great", assures Bioware developer

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We'd sort of been assuming that Mass Effect 4 would be available on PC, given the history of the franchise, but it's nice to have some confirmation directly from Bioware.

The game's creative director Mac Walters assured fans on Twitter earlier this month that he's been reviewing the PC version of the game and it's "looking great".

Fly a plane around in Cities: Skylines with the Flight Cimulator mod

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Tired of wandering around your municipal creations in Cities: Skylines like some kind of earthbound idiot? Rather take to the skies for a better look?

Well, technically I guess you can already do that. But to do it in style, you need to grab the Flight Cimulator mod and fly a passenger jet around in-game.

Sword Coast Legends developer video shows off real-time Dungeon mastering

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I’m going to write this post about Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast Legends without referencing a certain other top-down fantasy RPG that dropped recently.

Dammit. Okay, from... Now. With Dragon Age: Origins director Dan Tudge at the helm, Sword Coast Legends is bringing a pretty cool sounding DM mode to the dungeon party, which lets one player set up encounters and adventures for his or her frinds. This new trailer gives us a look at how that works.

First Pillars of Eternity patch set to drop this week

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I was actually pretty impressed by the lack of bugs I saw when reviewing Pillars of Eternity, but inevitably once the game hit full release they started crawling out of the woodwork

Luckily Obsidian is on the case. According to the developer the crowd-funded RPG’s first patch will drop this week, and should tidy up some of those issues.

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