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Valve adds Steam Machines to the Steam storefront

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It might actually finally be happening - Valve has added a roster of Steam Machines to the Steam storefont, with

versions from a variety of third-part manufacturers available.

Prices currently range from $479.99 USD to a whopping $4,999.99. All of the Machines come with Valve's operating system SteamOS as standard.

Humble turns black and white with the Monochromatic Weekly Bundle

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Is it me or is Humble running out of ideas for its bundle packages? The latest collection is the Monochromatic Humble Weekly Bundle, and like the title suggest it offers the best in black and white gaming.

You can pay whatever you want to unlock puzzle games The Bridge and Closure, and stop-motion animated adventure Dominique Pamplemousse.

Stronghold Kingdoms introduces tough AI commanders in new PVE expansion Rise of the Wolf

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Firefly Studios has released a new expansion for its castle-building free to play MMO Stronghold Kingdoms, titled Rise of The Wolf. It sees the return of several classic Stronghold characters.

Including, as you might have guessed, the Wolf, an AI commander who should give players one of their sternest challenges yet. He'll be backed up by his menagerie of AI captains; The Snake, The Pig and The Rat.

Valve requires that all Source 2 games be sold through the Steam store

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Valve's Source 2 engine will be free for developers to use, which seems to be the way a lot of graphics engines are headed these days, but there is one caveat users will need to bear in mind.

Anyone who uses the engine must sell their game on the Steam store, ensuring that Valve does at least get a cut of the revenue for each digital copy sold.

Underworld Ascendant passes next stretch goal, adds Lizardmen as a new race, Enhanced Music and Companion Creatures

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One of the best things about reporting on video game news is that you get to use sentences like “lizardmen have been unlocked as a stretch goal” without everyone assuming you're insane.

That's exactly what's happened in Underworld Ascendant's > Kickstarter campaign, which though already funded well past its campaign goal, is still hoovering up some extra cash in its final few hours.

Atari debuts first in-game RollerCoaster Tycoon World footage

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Atari has revealed the first gameplay footage of forthcoming, multiplayer-focused theme park sim RollerCoaster Tycoon World in a new trailer.

Developer Area 52 Games is taking the reins from Frontier this time around, but judging by the video they're keeping the same colourful sense of fun than ran through previous entries in the series.

Obsidian talks dragons in latest Pillars of Eternity update

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It might no longer be using the Dungeons and Dragons rules, but that doesn't mean Obsidian's upcoming fantasy RPG Pillars of Eternity is going to be short of dragons. Far from it.

In a new update on the game's forums we get to take a look at the various dragonkind we'll be slaying and looting when Pillars launches later this month.

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