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Turn-based strategy Renowned Explorers: International Society enters Alpha, attending PAX East in March

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Reus developer Abbey Games is celebrating their first Alpha milestone, and have released a new Alpha gameplay teaser for the 19th turn-based strategy. They've traded in godhood for the "age of discovery and adventure."

The small developer will be attending the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East in Boston, MA March 6-8 where the Alpha build of the turn-based game will be playable for the first time.

Fable Legends takes up free-to-play model, "not going to be game-breaking"

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The Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive Fable Legends will be using the free-to-play model, announces Lionhead Studios. That means chums can play the four-heroes-versus-one-villain game at no cost.

Unless, that is, you want to deck your heroes out. Fable Legends will have chests to be found while questing, and silver coins are earned to buy them back in town, or you could spend some real cheese.

Republique Remastered now out on PC, 20% off until March 4th

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Indie outfit Camouflaj has today released action adventure Republique Remastered, which was originally for mobile platforms but has since been given the remastering treatment for PCs. It's an episodic bundle now out.

Currently episodes one to three are available, with the remaining two part of the package when they release. It's a dystopic setting where we have to try and remotely help a young woman escape.

Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado launching today alongside free content patch

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Paradox Interactive will today be setting sailing for the lost cities of Gold as they release the El Dorado expansion to Europa Universalis IV. Accompanying the new DLC is an all-new free content patch.

El Dorado features a new exploration system, new religions for Central and South American tribes, a change to vassal and subject relations, and a Nation Designer for custom world states.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reaches 4 million users, "free log-in period" begins Friday

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Square Enix is celebrating MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn having achieved 4 million registered users, discounting Free Trial versions, and has announced a "free log-in period" to run from this weekend.

The free game time is only for those "taking a break" from Eorzea, and to let them sample the changes from the recent Patch 2.51. They did a similar albeit smaller free weekend at the start of February.

Nosgoth updated with new Vanguard human class from today

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Free-to-play Nosgoth has introduced the new Vanguard class to the human faction, and they can take a lot more punishment than their comrades-in-arms, but have reduced range damage as a result.

This new class can be unlocked with an artefact, or by "purchasing it directly" from the in-game store with Runestones. The Vanguard can be customised with new skins for the character as well as weapons.

Total War: Attila already has another faction DLC, the Longbeards Culture Pack

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Right, bear with me here, because I'm off on a bit of a moan. Now I liked Total War: Attila. I liked it a lot. I thought the various factions in it each felt distinct and a lot of fun to play. The grand campaign was the best the series has had in years. That was some good work, Creative Assembly, very good work indeed.

What I'm less impressed with is the fact that we're less than two weeks past launch now, but we've already got two factions packs sold separately as DLC, the latest being the (admittedly excellently named) Longbeards Culture Pack.

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