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Two new game modes added to F2P shooter Warface in latest update

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Two brand new game modes, Domination and Marathon Survival, have just been added to Crytek's free-to-play shooter with the silliest name in gaming, Warface.

Domination Versus Mode has two teams facing off against each other to hold down three different positions on the map, gaining more victroy points the longer they hold each objective. It comes with a new SubZero map set in the Siberian mountains.

Gothic action RPG Victor Vran gets co-operative multplayer mode in latest Early Access update

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We've rather liked what we've seen so far of action RPG Victor Vran, which hit Steam Early Access back in February.

So it's good to hear that a co-operative multiplayer mode, the beating heart of any decent hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, has been added to Bulgarian developer Haemimont's game today.

Mortal Kombat X players will be able to try out DLC characters for free in Challenge Towers

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Even if you don't have enough cash to splash out on your very own Predator for Mortal Kombat X, you'll be able to at least give the handsome fellow a try out.

Seapking to Youtuber Angry Joe, franchise creator Ed Boon confirmed that the game's Challenge Towers will periodically rotate in DLC characters for players to sample.

Codemasters' racer Dirt 3 ditches GFWL in favour of Steamworks

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Codemasters' racing game Dirt 3 is the latest game to finish stripping the remnants of Game or Windows Live from its system, swapping Microsoft's gaming service for Steamworks.

Actually, it's better than that. Anyone who owns the game on PC will be upgraded to the Complete Edition for free, giving them access to the game's full roster of DLC.

Before the Fall Part 2 update out for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn now, sets players up for first expansion Heavensward

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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn's latest content update Before the Fall Part 2 is out now, the second episode in a two-parter that will set the game's world up for forthcoming expansion Heavensward.

The story update drops as part of Patch 2.55, which also introduces new side missions, changes to the Gold Saucer, and a bunch of new items.

Ticket Shop "open with immediate effect" for Gamescom 2015, "early bird period" until April 30th

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The ticket sales for this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany have begun, with an "early bird period" running from now until the end of April with prices fixed at "last year's price." Paypal and credit cards only.

You'd "better be quick" as all day tickets sold out during the "presales phase" last time. Attendees this year include Bethesda, Bigpoint, Crytek, Deep Silver, EA, Konami, Microsoft, Nintendo and many more.

This War of Mine - War Child Charity DLC raises enough for 350 refugee children

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11 bit studios is happy to report their War Child Charity DLC for This War of Mine, of which all proceeds go to the War Child charity, has raised enough to aid 350 children.

This aid covers things such as psycho-social support, child friendly spaces and informal education. This charity drive ends April 3rd, so there's still time to buy the War Child Charity DLC.

War for the Overworld: Australian Edition, features 'bards on the barbie'

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Subterranean Games has unveiled a very special Australian Edition for their dungeon management War for the Overworld. The game for those "sick of gettin’ buggered while smashin’ some bloody moungrels".

This extra special edition is due out tomorrow and features "right-way-up graphics" for the authentic Aussie gamer. A new trailer to mark the occasion has been released.

Cyberpunk action stealth RPG Dex enters 'raw beta' on Steam

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Developer Dreadlocks has announced they've decided to proceed with moving their story-driven, side-scrolling action stealth game Dex into beta instead of delaying it. However the indie team warn it's rather 'raw'.

It can be played from start to finish but it's "far from polished" and should be avoided for those wanting to fully experience the cyberpunk tale. This beta has "dozens of new locations" and NPCs to interact with.

Paradox announce the "universally celebrated" Chirpy from Cities: Skylines coming to Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron

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In an obvious move to pander to the popular crowd, Paradox Development Studios will be adopting the Chirpy bird from Colossal Order's Cities: Skylines.

Chirpy will bring us round the clock chirps from medieval and war-time Europe, condensing critical information that could sway whole civilisations in 140 characters or less. #lifesaver

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void multiplayer beta "has officially begun!"

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Blizzard has gone live with the multiplayer beta for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, but beta keys won't be sent out "until later on in the beta cycle." If you've been picked then the beta will be in StarCraft II’s region selection.

A welcome email will also have been sent out. Opting in for the multiplayer beta requires fiddling with your account Beta Profile Settings. A "variety of factors" determines who is chosen.

Nosgoth update adds new Crucible map and several gameplay changes

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Vampires versus humans shooter Nosgoth has just been updated with a brand new map, a new skin, a quitting penalty for leaving games, and an updated interface.

The new map is The Crucible, a really very cheery place where those fun-loving vampires like to hand out, have a few drinks, and watch slaves battle each other to death in the gladiatorial pits.

New Resident Evil: Revelations 2 patch allows for online Raid mode play

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No, this one's definitely (probably) not a tedious, teeth-grindingly awful April Fools joke - Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has finally received a patch that allows you to play Raid mode online.

The score attack mode was restricted to offline only at launch, but Capcom promised last month that they would be updating the game to allow online play.

Image & Form releases first trailer for strategy spin-off SteamWorld Heist

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SteamWorld Dig developer Image & Form is taking the series in a new direction with SteamWorld Heist, a turn-based strategy effort that puts you in charge of a team of robot scavengers.

The studio's released the very first gameplay trailer today, and it's looking pretty darned sharp. I didn't know how much I wanted to play a roguish robot space-captain until now.

Patch incoming for Battlefield: Hardline will fix TDM spawns, various bugs

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Battlefield: Hardline's about to get a new patch that should help fix problems with server crashes and map spawn issues. It'll also make a few alterations to bullet flinch and other gameplay systems.

Right now the update is in testing, but Visceral has posted on Battlelog with a preliminary list of planned fixes.

Humble Indie Bundle 14 now live, offers include Torchlight 2, Pixel Piracy and Outlast

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The Humble Indie Bundle 14 is here, and it brings with it offers on a bunch of cracking titles, including Outlast, Pixel Piracy, and Torchlight 2.

For the first tier of offers, you can put down whatever price you want over $1 to grab indie titles Pixel Piracy, UnEpic, and Super Splatters.

Post-apocalyptic MMO shooter Survarium coming to Steam Early Access this week

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Vostok Games’ post-apocalyptic, massively multiplayer shooter Survarium is set to launch on Steam Early Access this week, on Thursday, April 2.

Right now you'll only be able to test out the game's PvP mode, but others are on the way including the very intriguing Freeplay mode, which will let you explore the irradiated wasteland with friends and strangers.

EA DICE "zeroing in on the final details" for Star Wars Battlefront, official reveal trailer April 17th at Star Wars Celebration

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We finally have a date and time for the official reveal trailer for Star Wars Battlefront from EA DICE. We knew it was taking place at Star Wars Celebration this month, but now we have the exact time.

The official trailer will debut Friday, April 17th @ 10.30am PDT / 6.30pm GMT+1. Gameplay of the new Battlefront from Battlefield's DICE will be available behind closed doors at Celebration.

Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto V's official PC trailer due April 2nd @ 10am EDT / 3pm GMT

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The official trailer for the much delayed PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is pencilled in for this Thursday, April 2nd @ 10am EDT / 3pm GMT. This has been hotly anticipated to show off all that the PC can offer.

Rockstar also reveals it will be running at 60 frames-per-second, and it will debut exclusively on the official website. They advise the "most recent generation device" or browser for maximum drool factor.

Ubisoft reveal Assassin's Creed Chronicles split in three 'episodes' spanning China, Russia and India

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The 2.5D side-scrolling Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China is in fact just part one of three episodes that Ubisoft has planned, which debuts April 21st. The second will take us to India, and the third into Russia.

Each will be a standalone experience with a loose overarching narrative, and each can be bought separately or together with a season pass. The two remaining episodes will hit in autumn this year.

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