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Larian working on new RPGs alongside Divinity, "being built on top of the D:OS engine"

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Divinity: Original Sin is getting a significant overhaul from creator Larian, as they acknowledge the 'sucky parts' of the game. However they're also "working on our new RPGs," using the D:OS engine.

Story developing.

Telltale tease "secret surprise" announcement soon, "not directly related" to current line-up

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Ta-dah! Telltale Games has just tweeted they've got "super secret surprise announcements" before we all break up for the holidays, and that it isn't "directly related" to anything from them this year.

More fuel to the fire as an additional tease reveals Telltale is working with another developer on whatever they've got cooking. Right now Telltale have Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands.

Grand Theft Auto V "in the final stages" of PC development, system specs "in the coming week"

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Rockstar's latest 'Asked & Answered' session through the Rockstar Newswire has been posted and confirms the studio is in the "final stages" of wrapping up development for the PC version.

We should also expect to see the system requirements "in the coming week." A developer already leaked that their Max Payne 3 PC team is behind GTA V's PC edition.

Space Hulk: Ascension adds a new chapter and a new story campaign with the Imperial Fists Expansion

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It's always the Ultramarines, isn't it? Those self-important blue sods get all the credit and acclaim, and the poor old Imperial Fists have to wander around the Warhammer 40K universe, tidying up after orks and tyranids and getting absolutely no credit for it.

Well not longer. Indie developer Full Control has announced the first new content pack for its reworked board game adaptation Space Hulk: Ascension, the Imperial Fists Expansion. Can you guess what's in it?

Enhanced version of classic action adventure Outlast makes surprising appearance on Steam

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Fans of the incredibly ambitious 1999 action adventure Outcast had their hearts broken earlier this year, when a Kickstarter campaign for an HD remake of the game failed to meet its goal.

But all is not lost! An enhanced version of the original titled Outlast 1.1 has popped up on Steam today out of nowhere. It's not quite the total remaster that the Kickstarter was set up for, but it does add a few new bells and whistles, and configures the game to run smoothly on modern PCs.

Carbine Studios lays out plans for first WildStar update of 2015

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Carbine Studios has big plans for its sci-fi fantasy MMO Wildstar moving into 2015, and it's keen to share them with fans. Hence this new blog post from the team, detailing exactly what they're working on.

As well as new bits and pieces of content, and some general 'quality of life' improvements, the main thrust of the update plans seem to be focused on making general play more accessible to players of all levels and play-styles.

Update 1.2 for This War of Mine adds a new shelter and the chance to choose your starting characters

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Anti-war war game (that does actually make sense) This War of Mine has just received a major update, adding a new shelter for your band of desperate civilians to hide in, and the chance to choose your starting group of characters.

Those are the major additions in update 2.1, but as you'd expect there's also a bunch of fixes and balance tweaks, including improvements to animations and NPC behaviour.

Multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb is coming to Steam

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Splash Damage's post-apocalyptic team-based shooter Dirty Bomb is coming to Steam, the developer has announced. It's big news for a game that's fun, but currently held back by low player population - hopefully this will encourage more people to try out the ongoing open beta.

For the unfamiliar, Dirty Bomb is from the same team that developed the excellent Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and maintains some of that game's objective-based gameplay.

Steam customers can no longer trade Gifts across regions

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Last month Valve tweaked its Steam Gift policy to make all games purchased as a gift untradeable for 30 days, in an attempt to prevent trade scams.

Now the company has made another big change, namely stopping users from Asia, Eastern Europe and South America from trading Gifts across regions. This is presumably an attempt to prevent customers from buying games on the cheap in in one country, then selling them on to users in another.

Techland release interactive 'Test Your Survival Skills' video for Dying Light

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An excellent new video post from Techland lets us enjoy a mini interactive adventure in Dying Light, the upcoming dropkick-a-zombie-from-a-rooftop survival action game from the creator of Dead Island.

This new video is over 25 minutes long but cuts short because of the choices we make along the way. The first-person zombie slayer is set in a vast open world where night turns the tables on us.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' "definitive" PC specs due tomorrow, settings page 'leaked'

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Konami has confirmed that a "definitive" list of PC specifications for the imminently due Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will be published tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped PC images leaking online.

A few screens have emerged revealing the PC version in action, along with the graphics and control settings pages. Apparently the menu can't be navigated by mouse, only by keyboard. Boo!

New characters, suits and villains in latest LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC

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WB Games has released the Batman of the Future Character Pack today for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, which adds even more characters, along with new suits. This DLC includes Terry McGinnis.

That would be the 'Batman of the future' when Bruce Wayne's days are long gone. Villains include the radioactive Blight and Joker. The new character pack is priced at £1.69.

Dontnod's Life Is Strange releases first episode of five January 30th, 2015

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The episodic story-driven adventure Life Is Strange from Dontnod Entertainment, creator of the memory-tweaking Remember Me, has just been given a release date for its first episode in the series.

There will be a total of five episodes where a rewind time mechanic lets us alter our choices up to the last checkpoint, with consequences felt in short, mid and long term.

Turn-based zombie shelter Dead State updated, removes 'super hearing' undead

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DoubleBear Productions has released their latest update for Dead State, and most likely the last one of this year. It addresses a number of issues like quests looping, cars disappearing and pathfinding.

They've also increased "noise dampening" in multi-floor levels to stop zombies magically hearing everything. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the addition of an autosave function.

Farming Simulator to receive dedicated peripherals in 2015 from Mad Catz

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Yes, as the appetite for Farming Simulator is apparently rabid, peripheral maker Mad Catz has decided it's time to get in on the action and work on some dedicated controller hardware for the series.

It'll be compatible with Farming Simulator 2013, 2015 and future games in the series. They want the "same level of engineering and realism" brought to farming as they already do for flight sims.

Fate of Arun, the first major expansion for MMO Tera, is available now

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Fate of Arun is the first major expansion for action fantasy MMO Tera, and it's live now. Expect new class skills, zones, and dungeons, as well as an increased character level cap to 65.

The update lets players explore the continent of Val Oriyn, an isolated 'lost world' filled with "savage jungles, colossal ruins, and the undiscovered homeland of the barakas." This is a baraka. In beach-wear, naturally.

World of Warplanes gets festive with snowballs, a Lapland map, and... flyable UFOs

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It's Christmas time soon, which means that every single game out there is planning some kind of festive event, or giving its NPCs reindeer antlers, or - in the case of World of Warplanes - letting you fly a UFO.

No, I'm not really sure about how festive that is either. Though to be fair, developer has also added a new “Snowball” game mode on a dedicated Lapland map, and 26 dedicated missions for the holiday season.

CI Games producer confirms that "conceptual work" for Lords of the Fallen 2 is underway

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Despite some unfortunate bugs and unremarkable boss fights, CI Games' action fantasy RPG Lords of the Fallen was really rather enjoyable.

Here's some good news then; CI's executive producer Tomasz Gop has posted on Facebook to confirm that " conceptual work on Lords of the Fallen 2 is underway."

New careers and Christmas trinkets in latest content patch for The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 has received another free content patch, with another batch of features for budding demi-gods to mess around with. This time around there's a focus on Sim careers and, unsurprisingly, Christmas trinkets.

Two news career paths, the Business Career and the Athletic Career, offer new ways for your Sims to earn that sweet, sweet paycheque. Each contains new life goals, new outfits and new reward objects.

Harebrained Schemes teases another Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign for January 2015

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It looks like Harebrained Schemes is planning to return to Kickstarter for another round of crowd-funding next year. Hard to argue with that decision, considering they made over $1.8 million the last time.

In fact fans of the excellent cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns will be excited to see that, judging by a teaser image released yesterday, we'll be hitting the streets in our finest leather trenchcoats and sunglasses once more.

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