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Competition: We've got 10 keys to give away for turn-based wargame Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion

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Witching Hour Studios' turn-based fantasy wargame Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion is set to release on Steam soon, and GameWatcher has hunted down 10 keys for the game that we're selflessly offering you the chance to win.

To be in with a chance, simply head down to the comment section below, and type "I'm in!" On the game's release date next Thursday, we'll announce ten winners at random. Simple!

Arkane spills the beans on Dishonored 2's E3 trailer

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In a new video from Bethesda, Arkane Studio’s co-creative director Harvey Smith spills the beans on some of the secrets behind the E32015 teaser trailer for Dishonored 2.

Muck-throwing monkey added to Ark: Survival Evolved, 128 finalists chosen for game's Unnatural Selection tournament

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After introducing an ape that could carry you on its shoulders as you run off together into the sunset, Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard is introducing yet more monkey madness.

Mesopithecus is the latest prehistoric addition to the survival sandbox, a mischievous monkey who can either spend his time throwing his poo at your enemies, or wearing a section of fashionable headwear.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online moves into Beta stage

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Browser-based strategy game Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online has entered a closed Beta stage, after several months in Alpha. It kicked off yesterday, and will run until the beginning of November.

There are a number of in-game rewards for those players who take part in special Beta events, including unit upgrades and extra resources.

Espionage-focused Endless Legend expansion Shadows is out today

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Amplitude Studios has released Shadows, the latest expansion for its gorgeous fantasy 4X Endless Legend. It introduces a brand new faction, The Forgotten, as well as a new espionage system that lets players indulge their sneaky side.

As every Endless Legend players knows, it's the new faction that you should get excited about; The Forgotten are masters of deception and subterfuge, who pack a few nasty cloaked units who can sneak attack enemy troops.

Stasis developer re-imagines Fallout 4 as an isometric RPG

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Indie developer Christopher Bischoff has re-imagined Fallout 4 as an isometric, top-down RPG in the classic style, and it looks really, really good. I mean, I'm as excited for the first-person version as anyone, but this makes me feel a nostalgic desire to return to Fallout 2.

Bischoff's studio The Brotherhood has just released point-and-click isometric horror Stasis, which he says was directly inspired by the early Fallout games.

Take a tour of Victorian London in new Assassin's Creed: Syndicate trailer

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Continuing its attempts to find a setting that in any way rivals the Caribbean playground of Black Flag, Ubisoft is heading to Victorian-era London for next entry Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

The studio takes us on a visual tour of the city in this latest trailer. And it's looking very nice indeed, with a mix of grandeur and squalor that could make for an interesting place to explore.

How to add your own custom music into Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC

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Metal Gear Solid 5 has a lovely selection of eighties hits to blast at full volume while you're minigunning the balls off an enemy base, but inevitably you'll want to add your own tracks - anachronistic to the game's 80s setting, but I find Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution fits the bill nicely.

So how to add custom tracks? It's pretty simple actually, as PC Gamer's Andy Kelly points out on Twitter. Just head into the game directory and find the 'CustomSoundtrack' folder.

Battlefield 4 Summer Update and free Night Operations DLC are now live

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The Battlefield 4 Summer Update should now be live on all platforms, along with the new, free Battlefield 4: Night Operations DLC pack.

You can find the Summer Update patch notes here. There's quite the laundry list of fixes and tweaks, including improved networking and the usual round of weapon balance adjustments.

Victory at Sea studio teams up with Games Workshop for Warhammer board game adaptation Man O’ War: Corsair

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Evil Twin Artworks has announced that it's teaming up with Games Workshop to bring Man O’ War: Corsair, "a sea faring open world combat-action title" based in the Warhammer Fantasy world, to PC.

The studio, best known for tactical naval combat game Victory at Sea,

Blizzard to announce StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void release date later this month

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void has been in Beta for a few months now, and Blizzard is almost ready to reveal when the final chapter of its sci-fi RTS space opera series is ready to release in full.

The studio will announce the date in a special Twitch livestream on September 13, suggesting that the date isn't too far away at all.

The Humble Tom Clancy Bundle offers a place in the Rainbow Six: Siege Beta

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The Humble Tom Clancy Bundle is now live, and as well as offering a nostalgic trip back through the series' history, it allows players a sneaky glimpse of its future.

Pay any amount of cash and you'll unlock a place in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer Beta, alongside five classic games.

Imperial City DLC available now for The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Imperial City DLC is now available for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, giving players a chance to return to the city they once visited in Oblivion.

It's not quite as welcoming this time. Daedric lord Molag Bal has overrun the city, and players mst team up to take it back. Expect new missions, loot, new Veteran Ranks and more.

Killing Floor 2 update adds even more explosions and incineration

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You might be forgiven for thinking that Tripwire Interactive's co-op zombie shooter Killing Floor 2 contains enough hardcore ultraviolence as it is, but the studio clearly doesn't agree.

The game's latest update, Incinerate 'n Detonate, contains exactly what you think it does; more weapons with which to blow up or barbecue your enemies.

Metal Gear Solid 5 server issues are being investigated, promises Konami

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a highly anticipated game, so it's no wonder that the game's severs have come under some severe stress since it launched yesterday.

According to several Tweets from Konami, the publisher is hard at work looking into the problem, and it's taken measure to alleviate things already.

Kickstarter campaign begins for fantasy RPG The Dwarves

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KING Art Games has set up a Kickstarter campaign for The Dwarves, an RPG adaptation of Markus Heitz’ bestselling fantasy novel.

One of the major mechanics here is a "Crowd Combat System", which simulates what happens when an axe-wielding, heavily-armored dwarf meets a horde of fragile goblins and orcs.

EA announces October Beta for Star Wars: Battlefront

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EA has announced a Beta for the hotly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront, because FPS Betas are just all the rage these days. It will kick off in early October across all formats.

The Beta will feature the 40-player Walker Assault mode on Hoth that dropped jaws at E3 this year, plus a co-op Survival Mission on Tatooine designed for two players.

First Witcher 3 expansion “shaping up nicely”, “good news” on the way for Gwent fans

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During a PAX panel for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED’s translator Travis Currit let slip a couple of interesting tidbits for fans of the open world RPG.

First off, he revelead that first expansion Heart of Stone is “almost ready, and shaping up really nicely,” which bodes well for its projected October release date.

Fallout 4 contains 275 separate XP levels

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It sounds like Fallout 4 should keep players occupied for a good long while – according to an interview with OXM reported by Gamepur, the game will feature 275 separate XP levels, one for each perk.

Nvidia releases Game Ready drivers for Metal gear Solid 5 and Mad Max

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Nvidia has a new driver available for today's two big releases, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Painand Mad Max. You can grab the GeForce Game Ready 355.82 WHQL drivers from Nvidia's website.

According to the release notes ( PDF), players can expect "Game Ready optimizations, a NVIDIA Control Panel Ambient Occlusion profile, and a SLI profile".

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