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VR headset tech “would be a good fit” for Mo Man's Sky, says developer

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Honestly, I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear that Hello Games is looking closely at VR support for its upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky.

Developer Sean Murray admitted as much to Edge Magazine in a recent interview (reported by GamesRadar), though he remained rather coy on the exact details when asked whether the game would be coming to Sony’s Morpheus VR headset.

Dropsy: A Point and Click Hugventure is out this September, and its trailer is a thing of surreal beauty

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At first glance the latest trailer for surreal point and click adventure game Dropsy: A Point and Click Hugventure might convince you that you're slowly losing your mind, starring as it does a handless, broken-toothed clown who hugs everything he sees.

It's a concept that should have dedicated coulrophobes running for the hills, but actually that's not creator Jay Tholen's intention at all – the game is about “loving the unloveable”, and despite Dropsy looking like the sort of creature that would corner you in a nightmare and devour your soul, he's actually just a lovely chap looking for a place to fit in.

Blizzard to unveil next World of Warcraft expansion at Gamescom next week

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Blizzard has a new World of Warcraft expansion pack in store, and it's planning to lift the lid on it at Gamescom next week. You can follow the company's schedule here.

Harebrained Schemes taking BattleTech to Kickstarter, campaign to launch this autumn

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Shadowrun Returns developer Harebrained Schemes will be taking the fight to another kind of science fiction universe this autumn as they launch a Kickstarter campaign for Jordan Weisman's 1984 BattleTech series.

What little we know of their plans is this: it will be an "open-ended Mercenaries-style campaign" that will blend RPG "Mech and MechWarrior management" with turn-based tactics. The campaign begins this autumn.

Ubisoft post Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege 'interactive trailer' for Terrohunt mode

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Terrohunting terrorists is partly what Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is all about and now a fresh interactive trailer is out showing more gameplay. Don't be fooled, this isn't a choose-what-happens kind of interactive video.

It's called 'interactive' because it has interactable items we click on to reveal "extra pieces of information" and some concept artwork. Make sure to watch this trailer in a large size or you can see hardly anything.

Dying Light: The Following announced by Techland, "bold game-changers to create one massive expansion"

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The previously teased vehicle-based content for Dying Light has now been officially named as an expansion. Dying Light: The Following will have "bold game-changers" with an all-new map rivalling all previous maps combined.

The expansion is included as part of the Season Pass and features plenty of vehicles, open environments and a story-focused campaign. It will be at Gamescom next week with a full reveal due not long after.

Avalanche release 'Who is Rico?' dev diary for Just Cause 3

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The first in a planned dev diary series for Just Cause 3 has just been released and 'Episode 1' looks at the leading man himself: Rico Rodriguez. The team also reveal more about his new skills and abilities.

What's it like for a dictactor-toppler who's set off two nukes in his lifetime? Avalanche want him to 'carry the scars' of his time in Panau and San Esperito. Now he's home in the fictional Medici.

Former Dead Island 2 developer Yager Productions declares insolvency

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Since losing out on the Dead Island 2 project, developer Yager Productions has now declared insolvency to 'protect staff'. It's a sub division of Spec Ops: The Line creator Yager Development who continues unaffected.

The "single-purpose company" has made the decision as a "direct result from the early termination" of the Dead Island 2 game with them, as publisher Deep Silver took the project elsewhere.

Blizzard preview Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 with Kanai's Cube, features "immeasurable transmutation power"

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Exactly what does Kanai's Cube do? Blizzard has posted a new Patch 2.3.0 Preview focusing on the 'Horadric Cube successor' that can "extract a Legendary power" and add it to a collection list.

This is a huge boon to Nephalem who've been hoarding certain Legendary items in Diablo III because of their Legendary perk. Now we can amass them and select to 'equip' three.

Fallout 4's mod tools won't be available at launch, Bethesda confirms

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As you would expect from a Bethesda RPG, Fallout 4 will be heavily moddable, to the extent that the developer is actually bringing fan-made mods to consoles for the first time. However, reators will have to wait a while before getting their hands on the mod tools.

Speaking to IGN, Bethesda's Pete Hines confirmed that they won't be available from launch, as the team focuses on getting the core game whipped into shape first.

Titanfall coming to Asia as a free-to-play online edition

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The practice of turning popular shooters into free-to-play titles for the Asian market isn't exactly a new one, so it's not totally surprising to see Titanfall make that transition.

Electronic Arts and Korean publisher Nexon made the announcement earlier today, confirming that the adaptation will be reworked on by both original developer Respawn and Nexon's own development studio.

CD Projekt sheds more light on The Witcher 3's upcoming New Game Plus mode

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CD Projekt revealed earlier this week that the final free piece of DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would be a New Game + mode that would encourage players to run through the game a second time while keeping some of their character's skills and equipment.

The company's community rep Marcin Momot has created a forum post

Blood Bowl 2's Dark Elves definitely don't play fair

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The wicked Dark Elves are very much the Goths (although I suppose the Vampire Counts might have something to say about that) of the Warhammer Fantasy world, so naturally they take to the field in Blood Bowl 2 wearing skin-tight purple trousers and 80's-era Kiss haircuts.

Not exactly a tactic that you would expect to be very effective against marauding orks and trolls, but thankfully, as this new video from developer Cyanide shows, they've got a few other tricks up their sleeves.

Relic introduces new Centaur tank unit in Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces teaser

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The British Forces expansion for Company of Heroes 2 adds a couple of new units into the mix alongside the basic roster that we're familiar with from the first game, and one of them is the Centaur tank.

Which, handily, has just been profiled in a spotlight video from Relic. Packing twin 20mm autocannons housed on a Cromwell chassis, the Centaur can tear through both infantry and aircraft with ease.

You can avoid “a lot” of violence in Fallout 4, says Bethesda

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I distinctly remember trying to create a wise-cracking, fast-talking character in Fallout: New Vegas that could talk his way out of anything, before I ultimately got bored and started whacking people with chainsaws and throwing frag grenades at them.

Fallout 4's improved combat will probably also tempt me towards acts of horrifying brutality, but at least this time Bethesda says they're giving less homicidal players a chance to avoid conflict.

Fan team gets go ahead for The 13th Doll, a horror game set in the The 7th Guest universe

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Indie team Attic Door Productions has received a license to sell The 13th Doll, their fan-made homage to cult FMV adventure The 7th Guest, set in the same universe as the original game.

“The 13th Doll is our passion project – a game that’s being made BY fans and FOR fans of The 7th Guest Series,” says project lead Ryan HoltKamp. “We’re extremely fortunate to be granted a license to sell the game as a retail game. It allows us to make the game we really want to make, to step up production budget and make a higher quality game for players to experience.”

Retro sci-fi space strategy XO just shy of Kickstarter goal, new pre-Alpha gameplay walkthrough video

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The human race is under attack from an alien fleet abducting en masse across space, so it falls to us in XO to marshal a fleet, grab as many survivors as we can, and take the fight to the enemy mothership.

At least it will be our solemn duty if the XO Kickstarter campaign succeeds with its $40k goal, and it's very nearly there with 22 days left. A new pre-Alpha game walkthrough video has been released.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD arrives on on PC through Steam August 18th, system requirements released

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Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is on the march for release on PC through Steam, after an earlier leak by MSI spilled the beans, and we're also given the system requirements to power this beast.

Maybe 'beast' is a little strong but it does want 30GB of space! The pre-order offer is a bit odd as it gives an 'exclusive loading screen' (yes, you read that correctly) and a DOTA 2 courier and ward.

Second Early Access patch for Into the Stars, adds 'Quick Launch' for ship loadouts

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Space can be a pretty unforgiving mistress, especially when your civilian refugees have a serious case of space diarrhoea and your top-notch pilot got killed by an alien hermit. Welcome to Into the Stars on Early Access.

Fugitive Games have now released the second patch for the Early Access space roguelike, and they've added a much requested 'Quick Launch' option which remembers your last ship loadout. Hurrah!

No Pineapple Left Behind available in Open Alpha, a school simulator for "orderly pineapples"

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Children and smartphones equal hell for school administrators, so why not turn them into pineapples? Indie studio Subaltern Games puts us in the shoes of a school principal where grades are everything.

The 'school tycoon' is now in Open Alpha so anyone who thinks they can coral studious pineapples or even attempt to educate actual children can try it out. Budgets, prestige, whiny parents... pineapples.

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