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First-person exploration game Eastshade gets its first trailer

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I’ve killed a lot of things in video games. I’ve seen a lot of action. More than a few explosions. It’s been great and all, but a wise man once said “life in the fast lane will surely make you lose your mind.” Sometimes you just want something a little more slow-paced.

Pre-orders for “Oculus-ready” PC bundles to open soon

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Are video games just not yet real enough for you? Will you just not be satisfied until you’re fully immersed in a VR world? Are you concerned that your PC isn’t up to the task of rendering Oculus-level virtual environments? Well, brother or sister, have I got an offer for you!

Plague Inc: Evolved mutates into a final release next week

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Bioweapons. They’re all the rage! Admit it, you’ve always wanted to wipe out the human race by developing an unstoppable, untreatable pathogen.

The Division open beta launches in February

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The Division had a closed beta that wrapped up pretty recently, and it sounds like despite some unfortunate issues, people enjoyed it. Well, guess what! You get the chance to play in an open beta soon!

Free Slavic Nations DLC announced for Total War: Attila

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Sega has announced that as part of their Make War Not Love 3 promotion, the new Slavic Nations Culture Pack downloadable content pack for Total War: Attila will be given away for free on the 25th February.

What To Expect From Galactic Civilization 3 In 2016

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Despite the fact that Galactic Civilization 3 left Early Access a while ago, Stardock has been keeping the game up-to-date and fresh at the demands of the community - and more is on the way.

We already know, from Stardock’s GalCiv3 roadmap, what will be coming in upcoming patches: 1.6 will include improvements to starbases (as well as substantial AI improvements), 1.7 will have changes to the UI while 1.8 is said to allow for mods.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter gets May 27th release date

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Last October, Bigben Interactive announced the eighth game in the Sherlock Holmes series, The Devil's Daughter. The studio has now announced that the game will be hitting shelves on May 17th.

Cloaked In Silence DLC announced for Metal Gear Online

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Konami has announced a new downloadable content campaign for Metal Gear Online, which is the online component of the publisher's smash hit Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The new DLC is called Cloaked in Silence, which adds new maps, Quiet as a playable character, and the Appeal Action feature.

Stardock On Why Ashes Of The Singularity Won’t Get A Strategic Zoom Camera

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You may think that the RTS genre is all about clicking quicker than your opponent, but in truth there’s a lot more variety than that. StarCraft is a much quicker, reflexive sort of game than the likes of Homeworld, for example.

Though Stardock’s take on the genre Ashes Of The Singularity is still in Early Access on Steam, it’s regularly getting updates and improvements that has led to an overall positive experience from gamers. That doesn’t mean there aren’t requests, though, such as a wider zoom for the game to improve strategic control.

Paradox Interactive details upcoming Cities: Skylines update

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When Paradox Interactive announced the Snowfall expansion for their city building sim Cities: Skylines, they promised that a free update would be coming to all owners of the game. The publisher has now revealed exactly what will be included in that update.

Galactic Civilizations III To Receive “Substantial” AI Improvement

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If you’ve played GalCiv3 at all then you’ll know that it - like so many 4X games before it - suffers from an opponent AI that just doesn’t think of the breadth of options open to it.

In fact, it’s a bit of a problem for fans since new additions and changes to the game have created an AI that doesn’t even aim to seek out some of the powerful new additions to the game, from Artifacts in the Precursor DLC to using systems to achieve victory outside of conquest - such as targeting for a research victory as an easy strategy.

Humble Bundle starts producing indie video games for new Humble Originals line

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Humble Bundle is not only offering gamers pay-what-you-want video game bundles these days. Now, it has started publishing its own games to supplement its Humble Monthly subscription service called Humble Originals. The first game is Mighty Rabbit Studios' Elephant in the Room.

Sci-fi first person exploration adventure game Project Elea announced

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Indie developer Kyodai has announced a new science fiction first person exploration game, Project Elea, which the studio promises will explore "humanity's place in the universe, the nature of intelligence and the meaning of faith."

Amazon offering new game engine, Lumberyard, for free

article image has slowly been giving itself a larger role in the videogame industry. Already the to-go store for many PC and console gamers already, the company has been producing small games for mobile with Amazon Games Studio. Now, is offering a powerful new game engine, Lumberyard, for free. It has been co-developed by Killer Instinct studio Double Helix.

American Truck Simulator sells over 100,000 copies in one week

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10-4, Pigpen, we just passed a jimmy on the 5 hauling fifty pallets. What’s he carrying there? Say again, Pigpen, he’s got a load full of American Truck Simulator?

Chinese pirate group suspends cracks to see sales effects

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While the old 1 pirated copy = 1 lost sale math is certainly suspect, there haven’t been a lot of long term studies on what piracy actually does to sales. One pirate group is taking research into their own hands.

Kickstarted adventure Night in the Woods to release this fall

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I like adventure games. I like weird, surrealist settings. And I think animals are pretty cute. Night in the Woods will probably be right up my alley! And that’ll be soon!

Excellent indie platformer N++ is on the way to Steam

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Pixel-perfect platforming. Explosive, deadly traps. Hundreds--maybe thousands--of levels. PC players are in for a treat, because it looks like the latest rendition of the super-tough ninja platformer N is coming to Steam.

WildStar director offers roadmap for future updates

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Looks like things are going well for WildStar! The sci-fi MMO made the transition to free-to-play last year, and looks to be hitting Steam pretty soon. Chad Moore, the newly-appointed director of the game gave an update on where things are headed this year.

Ubisoft: The Division developed for PC from the ground up

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A recent video by a fan site has PC fans upset, in which an unnamed Tom Clancy's The Division staff member claims "we do have to kind of keep it in check with the consoles; it would kind of be unfair just to push it so far away from them." Ubisoft has completely refuted the idea that The Division is being held back by the console versions.

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