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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's 'loading times' limited to game start, death and fast travel

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CD Projekt RED's Jonas Mattsson has assured RPG fans that pesky loading times in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are an endangered species, unless you die a lot. The entire open world is free of loading screens and bars.

The only parts they'll obnoxiously interrupt is initially loading the game, recovering from a Witcher-related demise, fast-travelling long distances, and visiting the isles of Kaer Morhen.

Paradox hosting Magicka: Wizard Wars pre-launch event, "bad-ass streaming" runs 5:00pm CEST - 8:00pm CEST

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Tonight Paradox Interactive are celebrating their pre-launch event for free-to-play Magicka: Wizard Wars, and they're live streaming the antics through the official Twitch channel. It's the Pros vs. the Devs in an all-new game mode.

There are even prizes up for grabs with Paradox's Escher and TotalyMoo hosting the event. Tomorrow Magicka Wizard Wars officially releases tomorrow, leaving Early Access behind.

Starbound gets 'suicidal' bug fix update, addresses missing NPCs and teleport glitches

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Chucklefish has just issued another update to Starbound, weighing in over 500MB. This fixes some of the bugs introduced by the latest big update, which added teleporters, planet bookmarking and ship-bound pets.

The teleporters were on the fritz and getting players stuck, so now that shouldn't happen! Also, an output quest NPC has gotten unlost, and ship upgrades shouldn't misplace doors. Plus, you can now suicide.

Techland tease "major updates" to Dying Light Developer Tools, announces 'Beyond Dying Light' contest

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Dying Light developer Techland is now teasing their plans to "further extend the capabilities" of their Developer Tools for the zombie-parkour action adventure. There's "terrain creation & editing, custom models import" and multiplayer support coming.

What's more, they've teamed up with Nvidia to dangle a tasty ASUS GTX 980 Strix graphics card in front of mod creators. They offer the card to winners of the Beyond Dying Light contest, which closes May 11th.

DiRT Rally arrives on Steam Early Access, to stay "until the end of 2015"

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Codemasters are skidding onto Steam Early Access with DiRT Rally, and there it'll be staying "until the end" of the year. They want the "experience absolutely right" with Rally and need community feedback for that.

New cars, environments, and rally stages will be added as time goes on. At release it will have 36 rally stages "across Monte Carlo, Greece and Wales." We also manage our engineer team, who can research part upgrades.

Broken Age's "special backer preview" for Act 2 out today

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Tim Schafer has signalled the arrival of the "special backer preview" for Broken Age Act 2, which officially launches tomorrow. However those who backed the project get it today, alongside a poem.

The Double Fine big cheese recommends starting the game over to jog our memories of everything that's happened, and to snag achievements. This has been a "long and crazy journey" we've shared.

Orion: Prelude, "one of the worst games of all time", still supported three years after launch

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"In 2012 we released one of the worst games of all time," says developer Spiral Game Studios, with an odd sort of pride, "And now you can try and play it for free for an entire week starting May 4, 2015."

The game in question is dinosaurs versus space marines shooter Orion: Prelude, which was received with about as much enthusiasm as a condom full of wasps when it launched three years ago.

Black Ops 3 coming this November, includes four-player campaign co-op and a full Zombies storyline

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Some meaty chunks of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 info leaked over the weekend, along with the official launch of the game's reveal trailer, shedding some light on what to expect from Treyarch's futuristic shooter.

Discovered by the eagle-eyed chaps over on NeoGAF, a promotional pamphlet for the game promises a new movement system similar to Advanced Warfare's, a revised 'Specialist' system for multiplayer, and full four-player co-op support for the main campaign.

Star Conflict introduces Dreadnoughts in latest update

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Space battle MMO Star Conflict has received a new update that adds Dreadnoughts, huge capital ships that cost an absolute bomb, but make up for that by turning your enemies into shrapnel in short order.

Batman: Arkham Knight trailer leaks early, 'Bat Family' make an appearance

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After two games (I'm not counting Origins) of getting his well-toned backside kicked across Gotham, I don't really blame Batman for wanting to call in some support. According to a trailer leaked today, several members of the Caped Crusader's extended 'Batfamily' will be joining him in Rocksteady's trilogy closer, Batman: Arkham Knight.

Valve announces a series of “marquee tournament events” for DotA 2

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Just one blockbuster DotA 2 tournament was clearly not enough for Valve – the company has announced the Dota Major Championships, a series of third-party hosted events that includes the already hugely successful grand tournament, The International.

“These marquee tournament events will see top teams competing at premier venues around the world,” the company reveals. “There will be limited trade periods during the year for participating teams. As the Fall event approaches, more tournament details will be announced.”

Gabe Newell sets up Reddit AMA to talk paid mods on Steam

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Valve introduced the controversial concept of paid mods to the Steam Workshop last week, which didn't go down at all well with the modding community.

Since then there's been a raft of so-called 'protest mods' popping up, along with some less creative but no less passionate dissent, which has lead to Valve's CEO Gabe Newell setting up a Reddit AMA to try and set the record straight.

Just Cause 3 gameplay set for April 28th teases Avalanche

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Rico's latest foray into directorship-toppling will be shown in gameplay form next week as Avalanche give us a peek at Just Cause 3 in action. Box art for the open world regime changer has also been revealed.

The official Just Cause Twitter has a teasing looped short of footage, promising to show us some meaty gameplay next week on Tuesday, April 28th via YouTube.

RIOT - Civil Unrest 'stampedes' through Steam Greenlight, challenges establishment this summer

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Mob rule has given the Greenlight thumbs up to RIOT - Civil Unrest, an indie strategy and simulation of civil disorder. It explores both sides of the tear gas canister; the rioters and the police. It also touches on real world unrest.

Twenty levels are spread across four campaigns covering Greece, Italy, Spain and Egypt. What's more, RIOT has an in-game editor so we can create our own levels and riots. We can play against other players too.

Director reveals World of Warcraft film pushed to June 2016

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The upcoming film for Blizzard's World of Warcraft has some "good news and bad news" from director Duncan Jones. It will no longer be coming in March 2016, but instead will take an extra 3 months and release in June 2016.

It just wouldn't really be an authentic Blizzard release if there weren't some kind of delay. Obviously this extra time will be spent on the Murloc musical number in the second act. It will change lives.

Dungeons 2 hatching evil schemes and slaping minions from today with PC launch

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Realmforge Studios' return of Ultimate Evil in Dungeons 2 comes to fruition today as it releases for PC, Mac, Linux and SteamOS. Real-time strategy and good ole dungeon management blend to thwart the forces of good.

An all-new gameplay trailer has escaped dark and dank tunnels, and exposes some of the new creatures we'll use in our schemes. Take note however, Dungeons 2 uses the Kalypso Launcher.

Die a lot this weekend thanks to the Steam Roguelike Sale

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Here, are you in the mood for dying over and over and over and over and over again? Then here's some good news - Valve has kicked off the Steam Roguelike Sale, which runs all weekend, and offers some solid deals on genre hits.

Jason Vorhees will make his Mortal Kombat debut on May 5

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Cult horror icon Jason Vorhees will be hacking and slashing his way into Mortal Kombat X this May 5, as part of the brawler's Kombat Pack DLC. The lumbering maniac's release date was revealed in the latest Kombat Kast.

Crypt of the NecroDancer leaves Early Access, documentary on the game's development released

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Brace Yourself Games' dungeon dance-fest Crypt of the NecroDancer has moved out of Early Access on Steam, and to celebrate the team has released a mini documentary chronicling their development process.

The documentary covers the team's approach to art design, music composition, and Early Access development. There's also a glimpse at the endless trips to indie game conventions and preview events involved in promoting a new game.

GTA V trainer lets you play god, also chimp

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This is why GTA V is on PC is the best. With the addition of a simple little mod, you can play as a chimp. Or a cat. Or basically any animal included in the game. It's called ScriptHook, and its Doctor_Dolittle> Doctor Doolittle options are just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically the trainer gives you full control over almost every aspect of the game, from physics to weather effects, to skins and cheats that make every bullet you fire explosive.

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