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Half-Life 2: Episode Three

The third expansion for Half-life 2, sequel to one of the most acclaimed first-person shooters.

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Valve And LG Partner Up For A New VR Headset Set To Debut At This Week's Game Developers Conference

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Whether you expected it or not, Valve is still in the VR business - but no longer strictly with HTC. LG want a piece of the action, and Valve are ready to deliver.

Add SteamVR Tracking To Your Game Or Project Without The $3,000 Training Course

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Making use of Valve's lighthouse tracking system just got much easier. And a heck of a lot cheaper, too.

After 10 Years, A Hitbox Bug Silently Plaguing Team Fortress 2 Has Been Resolved With A Single Line Of Code

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If you've ever called foul at being killed - or killing another player - in Team Fortress 2, your screams of rage may have actually been justified.

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