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Gabe Has Regrets From The Half-Life Series - And Other News From His AMA

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Gabe L. Newell closed the doors on his open Questions and Answers 'AMA' session on Reddit yesterday around an hour after it began. Not through spite or for dodging too many Half-Life 3 questions, but simple because you need to have some cut-off to stop yourself from feeling the need to answer thousands of questions from people would like nothing more than to be your friend.

Gabe Newell's Reddit AMA Starts In 1 Hour - Get Your Questions And Adoption Requests Ready

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He's done it once, and he's doing it again. Valve CEO and overall champion of the internet meme Gabe L. Newell is conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit in 1 hour.

Half-Life Projects "Ultimately Just Starve To Death" Says An Anonymous Insider

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If a source it to be believed, we might never see a worthwhile conclusion to the Half-Life franchise until someone at Valve comes up with the million-dollar idea.

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