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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

We find good company with Bad Company. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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getting worser and worser since 1942. · by paelleon ·

Damn, what a ridicolous mix of bad implemented bullets and explosive! OK, ok, perhaps I played Operation Flashpoint and its sequels too much, but this is too much! Too much arcade, irrealistic, poorly innovative. Even the single player campign has a ridicolous, fragmented story. After a few moments of my play my main question was: do the americans truly beleive that helicopters can only be shoot down with 2 (2!!!) ANTI-TANK rockets? They saw too many times Blackhawkdown! And here they are using Milan and TOW ATGMs too! My god! Moreover, shooting with the main gun of an M1A1 produces a projectile that travels less than 100m, what is this? You have to aim it like an howizer to fire, come on!
I resume playing ArmA2.

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I am happy with it · by HELLKNIGHT13 ·

I will have to say I like this better then COD MW2 one you have more room to move I love to snipe and this has all ways had big maps and the small ones are still good to .it's more about the team all can help no mader if you are on a team or not I like that about the BF games .I have liked the BF games for a long time don't take it the wrong way the Cod is good but is missing a lot like the ones who fly and like full matel .One thing I know thow the hacks and cod will kill this one like all the games out there some people just don't get it .and will "F" up the game like they all ways do .you should not play MP if that is how you need to play.As I have said I like to snipe for two things I am not as fast or as good as a lot of people are and as one who love the art of one shot sniper are more then that yes we stay as far a way as can and try not to be seen but from where we are we can call out to players when some one is comeing up from the back or take them out be for they can two with cod way to ez to see every one it don't make a dif where or what you do so one is on top of you to me it feels like being in a box or it my be just me that feels that way about the game .

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