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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Reviews


Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Review

However, if we look beyond the politics I must say that as a stand-alone squad shooter it's a solid game if slightly unremarkable.

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good · by lacki2000 ·

Game is quite good. Sometimes long cinematics force you to grab a beer and popcorn instead of keybord and mouse but they add some nice story to gameplay. In some areas game feels little thillerous (like in hospital). There are also the time loopbacks. AI folks often shoots with infinite blind shells - it feels like only you can change the situation. Fortunately RPG nest gunners are no longer immortal (like in previous BiA). Foe IA is not aggresive, so game is not very hard if you know how to cover and shoot quickly. Oh, and they have some crazy hawk eyes - they prefer to shoot at you.

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GOOOD!! · by Dtesh ·

I love games, where is realistic battle system where you can navigate your teammates, push opponent forces, thats great. Unlike older BIAs these finally have good graphics (oldest bias had too pale graphics), new cower system and of course good story line... WHO ENDED WITH WORDS: TO BE CONTINUED.... < hate it, but i will be waiting for continuation... Ubi and gearsoft has made great ww 2 game.

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