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Disciples III: Resurrection Review

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Nothing like Disciples 2 · by Crayno ·

This bug ridden game has potential but unfortunately gets repetitive and boring pretty fast.
After the extremely punishing start the game gets so easy that I resorted to solve most fights automatically. I was glad I was finished with the first campaign. I've started the Inferno Campaign now which seems a bit more balanced but still the fights are pretty much all the same.
One of the most mind boggling things is that they kept in one of the few annoying aspects of Disciples 2: Animations of spellcasting on the adventure map can't be turned off. So everytime you cast a spell you're twidling thumbs for about 5 seconds which will make you think twice before casting one.
Since HOMM 6 is plagued by bugs as well I'd say: Play King's Bounty if you like turn based strategy games until HOMM 6 is fixed.

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