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Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind Review

This venerable strategy game gets a Far Eastern shot in the arm...

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Lots of errors for Lots of people · by DarkenEU3 ·

I have been a long time fan and modder of EU3. Well, DW doesnt work for alot of people and there are major bugs for alot of people that are able to play DW. AFAIK, PI has not said anything about what they are going to do. I am unable to play DW and in the tech support forums and PI has not said anything of value to those of us with the same problem as me. It has been almost a month now. Not even a "sorry" or "we plan to fix it". They are neglecting and disrespecting thier customers. For a long time I have been unapreciated and outright used as a modder. Us players of the game and modders are treated like Beta testors to save PI money i guess.
I am Darken on the PI forums.

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