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Awesome game · by Vailgunner ·

Great graphic explosion details etc...
Many choice for being something like,police military,trader,smuggler,pirate and many more
Many House Factions and many pirate factions
Open ended universe i think about 100 systems to explore plus uniqe weapons
Filled systems with NPC life dynamic universe
Great story and different side mission
Your level is based on how much money you have
Great balance between ship class fighter.bombers,gunships,gunboats.cruisers,battleships and dreadgnouths

Freelancer come out in 2003 and still is best space-roleplay simulation

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Space game for the masses · by xempyreanx ·

Freelancer has a quite good story and a huge, interesting universe to explore.... but something's still wrong. It is meant for the masses. With a simplified and (in my opinion) a bit childish looking menu, it makes it too easy for the player at some points. The ships didn't really look interesting to me, and landing on a planet is just a waste of time - they could have gotten the same or better with space stations. Missions can get very boring, and trading doesn't really gives you a challenge. Freedom ends at this point: become a "warrior"-a-like or struggle. Don't get me wrong: the universe itself (not the nations)looks interesting, and the game is really fun - it's just that it's a bit(!) more like an arcade game. A bit overhyped, but still a good (and for some: great) game. Oh, and I don't like the 3rd person view :(

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