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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reviews

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A masterpiece! · by paelleon ·

I do not how they made it, but this game is even better than Vice City! Incredible landscapes, it makes me wish to jump on a (stolen) motorbike and travel through California and Nevada. Well... almost.
Good story, excellent musics, sounds, high longevity (completing it at 100% is nearly impossible without cheating). The only thing missing is multiplayer, but the fans made it possible with a free mods, this is the way to go!

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BAD to the BONE! · by Deeno0 ·

This is a proper foul mouthed game, although it has unwanted language, its fun to play after you have got past the fact gangs wanna kill you, after this you can do whatever you like, steal planes, boats, everything.
A very worthy game!

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