Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X combines cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat experience ever.
EU & US Release date: 14 Apr, 2015

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Long-time Kombatant Liu Kang returns to Mortal Kombat X

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Netherrealm Studios have just released a brand new trailer for Mortal Kombat X which crucially reintroduces the series' longstanding hero Liu Kang back into the mix.

The trailer, which is only in Russian at the minute, showcases Shaolin bros Liu Kang and Kung Lao working for big bad dude Shinnok after their souls fell into the Netherrealm at the end of the previous Mortal Kombat title.

Mortal Kombat X will punish rage quitters in the best way

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So it seems like those folks over at Mortal Kombat studio Netherrealm Studios have devised a great way to discourage rage quitting in Mortal Kombat X.

It's great because not only does it balance up the karmic scales but also because it fits right in with the series' fetish for brilliantly over the top ultra-violence.

Livestream screengrabs suggest five classic characters might be coming to Mortal Kombat X

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The latest 'Mortal Kombat X Kast' livestream (always with the K's, NetherRealm) may just have revealed some more classic brawlers on their way to the gory fighting game.

During the demo IGN managed to grab a few screenshots that suggest old hands Stryker, Rain, Kabal, Smoke and Cryax will all be making a guest appearance.

Predator rumoured to star in Mortal Kombat X

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Mortal Kombat is a series that's become famous for its cross-IP characters (Kratos, Freddy Krueger), and if recent rumours are to be believed that trend's set to continue in Mortal Kombat X.

Everyone's favourite spinal cord remover the Predator will apparently star in NetherRealm's upcoming brawler, and he'll be bringing along a friend.

FIGHT! Mortal Kombat X's Kitana and Reptile will be shown in a Twitch Stream Tomorrow Night

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NetherRealm Studios will showcasing a fight between Kitana and Reptile in Mortal Kombat X via Twitch tomorrow. You'll get a chance to see their moves, variations and how they play in the game.

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon revealed the news a few days ago on Twitter.

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