Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Reviews


Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Review

The turn based combined with RTF is unique and fun, providing a little time for thinking and not so much twitchy trigger finger.

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Excellent scenery · by Kres ·

I sure liked it. Took a bit of time to settle with such hard core fictional theme but in the end got to really like and admire it.

Bad side is that again, campaign mode in RoN is a big no to me. Just dont like have it rolls on through turns. For such games I like some computer handled campaign line. But that could just be me.

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There is something missing from this game · by chiroho ·

I liked how RoN: RoL added a strategic element to this game. It definitely made things more interesting from the perspective of researching technologies, which I have to admit was somewhat frustratingly difficult in building up enough points, and having a core army built. Once you actually played the battles though, they really all just felt the same. Yes, the terrain differed, but you always had to take cities, and there was never any real difference in the way they all seemed to feel. The way the different factions played also never really seemed to come out - at least in the single player game. Not played multiplayer yet, but I'm not really sure I will.

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