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Shh, it's a secret, and Chris Capel isn't very good at keeping those.

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The Secret World celebrating second anniversary with Golems, Love & Loathing

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Funcom's conspiracy-packed fantasy MMORPG The Secret World is celebrating its second anniversary today, and the developer has kicked off a new event to mark the occasion.

The Guardians of Gaia event sees a bunch of massive Golems invade every area in the game. How inconvenient. There's also a new world boss to take on in Tokyo. On addition, there's an all new mission pack, also set in Tokyo, titled Sidestories: Love & Loathing.

The Secret World heads to Tokyo in latest update

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Conspiracy thriller MMO The Secret World has just received its latest game update, Issue #9: The Black Signal. Described by developers Funcom as "the biggest update ever" for the game, Issue #9 takes players to Tokyo.

Expect new characters, new monsters, fresh locations and various quests. There's also an all new AEGIS system, which lets you equip weapon and armour enhancing technology to your gear.

The Secret World adds new investigative missions

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Funcom has announced the release of new investigation missions for The Secret World, called Sidestories: Further Analysis. These will take you as far afield as New York, Egypt, Transylvania and... Hell in search of clues to various mysteries.

Funcom "back in full production the day after" police seized "a handful" of PCs

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Recently Funcom has been in a spot of trouble with Norwegian authorities as they were suddenly under investigation for 'financial impropriety' and even got removed from the Oslo Stock Exchange.

CEO Ole Schreiner has now spoken out on the matter and said "though it was quite a dramatic event," it was soon over. The police only seized "a handful" of PCs.

Funcom revenue falls but large-scale MMOs remain "cash flow positive"

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The latest investor call from Funcom reveals revenue for Q4 2013 is down from last year's $7.78 million in the same period, to $4.27 million this year. Deferred billings, weaker sales and competition are cited.

However their big MMO projects are "relatively stable" with Age of Conan and Anarchy Online their primary revenue. All their MMOs are providing a "cash flow positive".

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