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Tomb Raider: Legend Reviews


Tomb Raider: Legend Review

Happily the latest Croft offering, Tomb Raider: Legend, remembers its past, while embracing the present.

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The puzzles · by Daredevil ·

he puzzles in Tomb Raider: Legend can be a bit deceptive at first, but once you learn how the game works, the puzzles become very simple. Most of the game is spent solving basic switch puzzles as you work your way through each level in search of the next artifact. Aside from dragging around boxes to weigh down switches or jam traps, there are a lot of fun platforming sections that let you take full advantage of Lara's affinity for high-flying acrobatics. You can hang on ledges, swing on ropes, swing between platforms (via a magnetic grapple), and vault off conveniently placed beams.

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