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Whether your Warcraft days are behind you, the days of the WoW Token are not. That shiny coin Blizzard added as a way for rich characters to pay for subscriptions isn't going anywhere. In actuality, it just got a whole lot more versatile.

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Gabe L. Newell closed the doors on his open Questions and Answers 'AMA' session on Reddit yesterday around an hour after it began. Not through spite or for dodging too many Half-Life 3 questions, but simple because you need to have some cut-off to stop yourself from feeling the need to answer thousands of questions from people would like nothing more than to be your friend.

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We spent most of 2016 clinging to the hope that one of the year's rumors would turn out to be true - a potential remake of a classic Diablo game. And while it proved to not quite be the case in the end, we were to get something almost as good; an anniversary event that would bring a chunk of Diablo history to Diablo III.

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Apparently seeing VR as less a promotional vehicle and more a 'new media opportunity', Fox will utilize the tech in a similar fashion to their Martian VR experience by giving this year's Alien: Covenant movie its VR spin.

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Created back during the Grand Theft Auto IV days, the popular OpenIV modding tool is going back where it all began - to bring Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto V.

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If you're somehow still not done with The Binding of Isaac; there's a lot more content coming your way. From the fans, no less.

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Though an incredibly in-depth business chat with, Turtle Rock Studios - the group behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve - have revealed that they're working on a new co-op shooter.

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Still playing DOOM? Of course you are. We've waiting a long time for Bethesda to deliver unto us a fresh take on th Doom formula, and they delivered in much the same way they did with Wolfenstein.

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Grand Theft Auto IV was a landmark event for not just Rockstar, but the gaming community the world over. The first numbered title in the crime sandbox series in over seven years had everyone jumping out of a chopper in the hopes of scaling the inside of Lady Liberty herself to tug at her very real heartstrings. But even with GTA V having been around for years, Rockstar isn't done with Nico.

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Turtle Rock Studios the development studio formerly known as Valve South have been behind games such as Evolve and Left4Dead have a released a new unfinished campaign to Left4Dead.