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1C Company to Announce 3 Games at PAX - new King's Bounty game coming?

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1C Publishing will reveal three new unannounced titles on April 5 at PAX, and there could be a new King's Bounty game amongst them.

1C Company Announces 'Ancestors' - A Real-Time Medieval Strategy Game With Native Gamepad Control

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It's not often we hear of 1C Company, but they're certainly still around. Having a hand in the creation and publication of a quirky, cartoon-like turn-based strategy game earlier this year, they're penning something more in-line with their past - ironically named 'Ancestors'.

1C Company announce Iron Fist DLC for Men of War: Assault Squad 2, features third-person direct control

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The first DLC for Men of War: Assault Squad 2 has just been unveiled by 1C Company, and it's called Iron Fist. New features and single player content are on offer, including a DirectX 10 upgrade.

5 new single player skirmishes, new third-person controls, replays of multiplayer matches via Steam Workshop, and then there's the free updates; DirectX 10 support, unity veterancy, spectator slots...