Company: Facepunch Studios


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Survival sandbox FPP game prepared by creator Garry Newman of "Garry's Mod" fame.

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A sandbox real-time strategy game featuring survival elements.

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Steam Refunds Potentially Cost Rust Develop Facepunch Studios $4.4 Million Says Garry Newman

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Steam's decision to allow refunds was something of a revolution in the digital download space. But how much has the system cost groups like Facepunch Studios?

Chunks is a VR construction game from the makers of Garry’s Mod and Rust

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First thing’s first--Chunks looks a lot like Minecraft, down to the exact shade of green used for the grass texture. But while Minecraft casts you as a dude running around digging, mining, and collecting resources, Chunks lets you put your divine hand directly into constructing the world.

Facepunch Studios is working on another Garry's Mod game

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Garry Newman and the team at Facepunch Studios is apparently working on a new Garry's Mod game, according to an interview the developer did with PCGamesn.

The original sandbox physics playground is still available for around the same price it has been since it launched back in 2004, and when asked if he had considered changing that, Newman surprisingly revealed the new project.

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