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Rust team plans major ranged combat improvements in latest Devblog

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Facepunch Studios has posted Devblog 73 for its grim survival sim Rust, revealing the key areas that the team are working on, as well as some new content players should expect to see over the next few months.

Objective one: fixing the game's slightly wonky shooting mechanics. Hitboxes will be revised, muzzle flashes reduced, and a hit indicator sound added.

Female models added to Rust, but are only for Admins right now

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Facepunch Studios has added the first female models to survival sandbox Rust, but they're not quite ready to roll out to everyone just yet. Instead, they'll be reserved for sever admins until the developer has finished creating alternate clothes and so on.

Weapon wheels, signal grenades and fetching candle hats are all on the way to survival sim Rust

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Facepunch Studios has a lot of new content in mind for its open world survival sim Rust, including 'signal grenades' for calling in invaluable air-drops, new locations to visit... and candle hats.

Yes, for some reason the best way to explore the developer's bleak, desperate vision of the future at night is to strap a big candle to the top of your head. And no, I'm not quite sure why either.

Rust creator Garry Newman defends Notch's decision to sell Minecraft

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Minecraft creator 'Notch' Persson has been getting a bit of flak from some quarters for his decision to sell the franchise to Microsoft for $2 billion, with some critics accusing him of "selling out" and going back on his perceived anti-corporation stance.

Rust and Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman, himself no stranger to indie success, has weighed in on Notch's side, arguing that no-one else would have done any different.

Rust studio announces new arcade shooter Riftlight

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Adam Woolridge of Rust developer Facepunch Studios has announced the team's next title, Riftlight. It's an arcade shooter with "other light-RPG stuff like character levels, abilities and talent trees".

Woolridge has apparently been working on the concept behind the game for some time, and says he wants it to be "colourful and different".

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