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Railway Empire releases Transcontinental Content Update DLC for free

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Kalypso have announced that the first DLC content for their train network management strategy is out now, and is free for all owners of the game. We've got the full Patch Notes here.

Grand Ages: Medieval now up for pre-order on Steam

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Grand Ages: Medieval is now up for pre-order on Steam, and developer Gaming Minds Studios has lifted the lid on the content you'll get if you put your money down early.

As well as a 15% discount, you'll net a copy of the game's Digital Soundtrack, as well as two pieces of DLC - Camelot and Ancient Wonders.

Grand Ages: Medieval gameplay stream video with developer walkthrough

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The live stream from developer Gaming Minds Studios for the upcoming kingdom builder Grand Ages: Medieval has come and gone, and now we're treated to a full hour-long video of the game in action.

We get fresh gameplay straight from the studio with developer commentary. The game world stretches across all over Europe where we start as a humble village that hopes to rule them all.

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