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Space Station Alpha

Build and manage a space station in the outer reaches of space.

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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human explores Steam on January 19

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Two man studio YCJY has announced that their post-apocalyptic submarine game, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, will be arriving on this coming Tuesday, January 19. The game takes place hundreds of years in the future after global warming has forced humanity into underwater cities.

YouTube modder CryZENx releases unofficial Unreal Engine 4 version of Mario Kart

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YouTube star CryZENx, an indie developer who has done some clever modding work, has released a full, unauthorized version of Mario Kart. The game has been rendered as a PC game entirely using the Unreal Engine 4 graphic engine.

The Dwarf Run, indie genre-twisting roleplaying game, gets launched on Steam

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Solo indie developer Alexander Mirdzveli has released his new RPG The Dwarf Run on Steam. The launch trailer shows off players coming face to face with all sorts of dangers and tasks, such as cleansing the dimensional rift of demons, adventuring into the goblin valley, fight a wide spectrum of arena battles, and ultimately encounter out-of-this-world entities..