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Railway Empire - The Great Lakes

Bridge the distance between the British colonies and create a track infrastructure for the Great Lakes region.

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Tropico 6 Liberty Happiness - How to Improve Happiness

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In order to keep your Tropicans happy, you'll have to look after multiple things. Here's how to improve Liberty Happiness in Tropico 6.

Tropico 6 Speakeasy - How to Arrest Kingpin and Strike a Shady Deal

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Having trouble with the Tropico 6 Speakeasy mission? You get tasked to 'arrest kingpin' but how do you find or arrest a kingpin? How do you strike a shady deal with a crime lord too? Here's what you need.

Tropico 6 Revolutionaries - How to Get More Revolutionaries

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It can be difficult to get Tropico 6 Revolutionaries, especially when you need them for a mission. We'll show you how to get more Revolutionaries, and declare independence from the Crown.

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