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GOG brings back Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

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Pandemic's 2005 Battlefront II has been offline since the GameSpy shutdown in 2014, but now GOG will be offering new official multiplayer servers for the game through GOG Galaxy.

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire Debuts With The Newest Star Wars Humble Bundle

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Is there a time when Humble Bundle isn't offering a lot for a little price? Not lately. Their latest stint is a large-scale Star Wars bundle that even includes the new release of an old classic.

Check out the story of LucasArts’ lost Indiana Jones adventure

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I love LucasArts adventure games despite coming to them year too late, but I never got the chance to check out Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, despite its excellent reputation as both a great adventure game and probably the best Indy game. An in-depth article at Mixnmojo went up earlier this month detailing a lost sequel called the Iron Phoenix.

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