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Developer Just Flight leaves Mastertronic to fly solo

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Flight sim developer Just Flight has left publisher Mastertronic, the studio's publishing director Alex Ford has revealed. The company now has the backing of an unnamed investor. This follows news that the studio was going into administration.

No Pineapple Left Behind available in Open Alpha, a school simulator for "orderly pineapples"

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Children and smartphones equal hell for school administrators, so why not turn them into pineapples? Indie studio Subaltern Games puts us in the shoes of a school principal where grades are everything.

The 'school tycoon' is now in Open Alpha so anyone who thinks they can coral studious pineapples or even attempt to educate actual children can try it out. Budgets, prestige, whiny parents... pineapples.

Watcher Think? Epanalepsis

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I feel sure that beardy, highly intelligent types are dissecting Epanalepsis the same way beardy, 40-somethings analyze and discuss a traditional Ale. Both are beyond my reckoning even as someone who enjoys, nay demands, more story-based video games in general.

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