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Two Of Grand Theft Auto V's Most Impressive Mods Come Together In 'Project NVRX'

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YouTube user Kryton has been pumping out Grand Theft Auto V videos for quite some time now. Rather than joining the bandwagon of gameplay montages, though, they all highlight the exciting world of visual overhaul mods. The lastest, now re-dubbed Project NVRX, has the game looking incredible even on a standard 1080p display.

As Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Prepares For Its 15th Anniversary, We Notice Just How Small It Actually Was

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October 27, also known as the release of two high-profile video games this year, marks the 15th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In retrospect, it really wasn't as big as we remember.

Grand Theft Auto Online Attempts To Combat PUBG With Its Own 'Motor Wars' Gamemode

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The runaway success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has ignited the flames of ambition in many a developer. Although the now somewhat traditional Battle Royale theme has certainly been tackled before, the rate at which PUBG dominated the market left other similar attempts in the dust.

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