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Several Twitter Sources Suggest A L.A Noire Remaster Could Be Due As Early As This Summer

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While a remastered edition of Rockstar's L.A. Noire have allegedly been uttered before, it's the first we're hearing of it. Rumors are sparking up suggesting the 2011 detective game could be making a come-back as early as this Summer.

Whore of the Orient promotes "division and negativity," claims councillor

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City of Monash councillor Jieh-Yung Lo is rather upset with the use of the term 'Whore of the Orient' for KMM's new game, built by former Team Bondi developers of L.A. Noire fame. He wants it tarred and feathered.

Oh, wait - he actually wants the title retracted and to cease all development entirely. The use of the "O-word is very similar to the N-word", he claims. Lo may refer it to the Human Rights Commission.

Whore of the Orient gameplay leaked online

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Team Bondi's Whore of the Orient survived the liquidation of the studio and absorption into KMM, and just to prove it did some gameplay footage has now leaked online; about a minute's worth of footage.

The game's development had stalled after a lack of funds, and lay-offs at KMM, but back in June the Australian government granted them $200k. Whore of the Orient is due mid-2015.

Whore of the Orient project gains $200k from Australian government

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Team Bondi was bought by Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM) back in 2011 after the studio collapsed following a rocky and very public workplace dispute after L.A. Noire shipped. They're were working on something new.

Whore of the Orient was their latest project, but it suddenly looked a lot less likely after KMM was hit with lay offs. However $200k has been awarded to the studio by New South Wales.

Rumour: Dev team behind L.A. Noire let go, Whore of the Orient 'on hold'

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According to anonymous sources the development team behind L.A. Noire, who were formerly known as Team Bondi, have been let go after their Whore of the Orient project failed to secure a publisher.

KMM's Doug Mitchell has said that the "unique and extraordinary story and game" of Whore of the Orient isn't being abandoned, but didn't confirm or deny reports of staff layoffs.

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