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L.A. Noire Features

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Preview: We return to the streets of L.A...

Much has been made of Cole Phelps' original outing, as Rockstar's deep and engaging narrative paved way for an experience that created itself a unique perch in the bustling avery of console games. Launched amongst a slew of high-octane, 'blow shit up' ever-presents, there's little doubt Phelps' roam around Los Angeles is one of the most thoughtful titles to show itself this year. Rockstar...

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Preview: We get a behind the scenes look with LA Noire...

Considering LA Noire has been on the cards since 2004, it's done well for itself to remain relatively inconspicuous. The longer something takes to make, the bigger the danger it is of turning into a Too Human, or even Duke Nukem. As like any developer, Team Bondi hope to provide something new and interesting for their audience, and they've turned to post-war...