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A bunch of Sierra classics just hit Steam

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Sierra was one of the most prolific PC publishers of the early 90s, and their output included some of the most famous--and infamous--titles on the platform, ranging from strategy titles to in-depth RPGs, and adventure games of both the classic point-and-click and FMV varieties. Now a host of those titles has hit Steam.

First chapter of Sierra's new King's Quest arriving July 28th

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The new point and click adventures of King's Quest begin July 28th reveals Sierra, as the first of five total chapters release to fans. A Complete Collection will include all chapters but hasn't been detailed much beyond that.

There's a bonus epilogue chapter for anyone pre-ordering King's Quest. This return of the series is described as a re-imagining of the original games that delighted and frustrated us.

First of four-part developer diary series on new King’s Quest

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Sierra has just put out their first developer diary, which is a four-part series, for the new and upcoming King's Quest adventure. This diary is entitled 'The Vision' and looks at its rich history, and new future.

The first chapter of the new King's Quest is due out later this year on PC and consoles. King’s Quest creator Roberta Williams and Sierra co-founder Ken Williams have both 'passed the torch' to this new team.

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